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Thank you very much. It's great to see people enjoying my work.

I'm not sure if it will, but my next projects will be available on  more platforms for sure.

All the music is available in the OST folder on the downloads page.

looking good!

I meant to keep developing games, haha.

Thank you so much!! That is very, very kind of you. It makes me happy to see such a positive response to something I've made. It means a lot.

This is super charming. Love all the cool mechanics you have in battle and that groovy music. Super super awesome work for a first game! I strongly encourage you to keep going with that.

Thank you, that means so much to me. I had the most fun making the music for this project. I've just uploaded all the tracks if you are interested in them.  I still have to check out your game, it looks great!

This is so great! It's actually really fun, and I would love to play a longer version.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

I really wanted there to be more to it. Initially there were going to be a lot more things to pick up and interact with, and some NPCs and wildlife walking around. I also had some cool location ideas but I just ran out of time. A lot of things just broke at the end too.

Thank you!

If you put everything in a .zip it's easy to upload it all

Love this

Just a heads up, I can't get it to play. It says there should be a v1_data folder.

this is wonderful, well done! very creative mashup, i like the style you went for.

this is really fun, good luck with it!