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This is the GTK section, this is useful when new to Itch and uploading for web. Want to see some more tips added? Contact Thijs Roem or the moderator!

Tip #1 (When you just signed on)
If you've just created an account, try creating a dummy project to see what you have available to you, is a massive website with a lot of possibilities!

Tip #2 (When creating your game page)
Fill in as much as possible! This is the page that everyone gets to see when they see your submission! Make sure that every classification and description is filled with some useful information. Most importantly do not forget to make your game public at the bottom of the page, if you leave it at Draft or Restricted you won't be able to submit your project to the jam!

Tip #3 (When you're three weeks ahead of schedule)
Haha imagine...

Tip #4 (When it's june 28th, 23:55:13...)
Keep calm and... well at least make sure you've submitted your game to the jam, if you submit your game, you can always remove spelling errors or add a hotfix to the game. If you don't submit your game in time, you'll have to walk the walk of shame...

Tip #5 (When it's june 29th, 00:00:10...)
Congratulations! If you've submitted the game in time, it's time to lay back and enjoy the comments in a few hours.
If however you haven't submitted... You can contact the Host of the game jam, make sure to send the link of your game's Itch page. The host will then give you a new submission link where you can late-submit your game.

Tip #6 (When itch becomes a little too much)
Don't worry, you only have to worry about 3 things:
Make sure the account that will upload the game has joined the Jam well in advance of the deadline
Create the game page well ahead of the deadline (you don't have to upload executables or make it public, it is just so you don't have problems creating a page 5 minutes before the deadline)
Click the link in your email, log in to your account, click submit project and read the checklist. Once that's done, you're basically done! Nothing else is needed, but we do encourage you to look at what other have created!

Tip #7 (Some more tips when creating your game page)
Add a gameplay video to your page! People who don't have the time or ability to play your game can still see what the fun they're missing out on is. Because the Jam will become a place where everyone can see what you've made, there's a good chance someone without a pc wants to comment on your fantastic game. This brings us to the next point, and that is to enable the comments on your game, without this people from outside of the jam won't be able to review your game! Also has a nice list of information on the gamepage, so if you've created a polished piece,  you should give it the status "released", if it's still a prototype then call it that! This gives the reviewers more context to your game. Last but not least, include installation instructions and be very clear! People are stupid and you need to make it easy for them to play your game. In the best case scenario, you upload a web build so the reviewer doesn't have to install anything but if you need them to install something. Lay out very clearly how they should install the game.

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This is the FAQ section, questions get added gradually, don't see yours? Contact Thijs Roem or the moderator!

F.A.Q. #1
Can I buy extra time with the moderator?
Nope, it's not because I can't use the money, it's because itch doesn't let me change submission dates...

F.A.Q. #2
I want to do the absolute minimum, what's that?
3 Things, Join the jam with the account you'll upload the game on, Create the game page well before the deadline, When submitting make sure to read the submission Checklist and submit the game in time.

F.A.Q. #3
Who can see this Jam?
This jam is unlisted, that means that everyone with the link is able to view, comment, download and see your games. The Jam won't show up on Itch when you search for it (or google it).

F.A.Q. #4
Is it mandatory for everyone to sign up for
Nope, only one team member should upload the game, therefore it is not needed to create additional accounts. We do however recommend to create an account as you'll be able to leave comments on other teams' games/installations.

F.A.Q. #5
I have a question, where do I ask it?
It depends, if it is solely regarding the submission to this Jam or community, Contact Thijs Roem (GDES2) or the Moderator. If it's regarding anything else, we cannot help you here. You can seek help by creating a topic with your question, but if it's urgent you should still contact your coach, course leader, core teacher or tutor.

F.A.Q. #6
I wasn't able to submit my project before the deadline, what do I do?
Contact the Host of the game jam, make sure to send the link of your game's itch page. The host will then give you a new submission link where you can late-submit your game.

F.A.Q. #7
I want to change or hotfix parts of my game page, can I delete older uploaded files?
No, because itch reports the time a file was uploaded, we use this to select the version that was uploaded before the end of the game jam. If you want to add an update you can definitely add that as another version. But you need to keep your original submission files on the page if you want to be eligible to get a grade.

F.A.Q. #8
How can I contact Thijs Roem (GDES2)?
On discord! thyzro#8415 might be nice to introduce yourself before asking a question so he knows you're not spam.

Works very nicely! I couldn't get past level 7 as I could stand on top of the pink block but it wouldn't send me to the next level, maybe add a way of limiting the movement of the player when he goes of the platform?  I was able to buttonmash my way through level 5 that way :)

I love the way you need to grow to reach the top coins, of course some polishing would be nice so I know what makes me grow and what earns me money. I didn't know why I died so maybe add some feedback to that as well

Very satisfying to watch! Of course would like to see some interaction but the product is already very nice to watch. I only discovered some Z-conflicts when the cube grows through the other blocks

Beautiful and peaceful, i'd like to see some more challenge growing the plants and of course I want to see the gate open!

I would love to know when you need to defend, player feedback is lacking a bit so maybe focus on that. Funny music and I would love some funny sound effects!

I like the concept of this game! I would love to get the chance to actually complete it, maybe make the movement feel a little bit better

Very cute but gruesome concept! You should really keep the infinite sheep spawning in the game, it creates such chaos xD I played it on a widescreen monitor so maybe rework the UI a bit to support that, while clicking it wouldn't spawn the sheep above the point i clicked so maybe add a grid so I can see where my sheep will spawn?

I think the concept is very funny, it needs a soundtrack or some audio feedback because it's a drumming game. I would also rethink the shapes of the objects, very funny

I think I get the concept of the game, I immediately went to the empty corner and crouched like everyone else. Of course the concept isn't finished but I would suggest giving the player some more feedback where they need to stand in order to complete the "move"

Soooo much overcooked vibes! I would love to see some more thematics added as the theme of tribal ritual might add so much extra fun to the game. I love the way the cubes smoothly move with you, the feedback of the "Cauldron" could be improved by striking of the items once they're added.

Nice game, the concept is very promising. Maybe you could add some way of making the choice of who you're pairing more interesting by giving it some meaning

Very nice, cool mechanic. It already feels very slick. I would love to be able to do something else tho instead of just timing the blocks right

Way too addictive, really fun game! For the less experienced players (me) I'd love to see a feature where the player can complete the level within 2 seconds for instance but you'd get less points. Really fun overall

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Really funny game, would love the ability to actually protect the egg instead of just leading it past the enemies. Really fun concept! Maybe add some more feedback and then put it on steam to win goty? PS. The followrange feature is something you should keep!

Really interesting mechanic, Maybe you could add a mode where you can still see the physical objects in the scene with an overlay of the "Detection". Love the caw and the art for the short amount of time

Very funny game, I would love to see what else can be done in the game. The mechanic of only using the mouse made it very accessible. Also want to have some more difficulty in the game

A difficult platformer with a really harsh time limit, would love to see some more features guiding the player to certain places in the level as it is quite hard to figure out where to go to before the time runs out. Very nice game overall

I like the concept of this game as well, It falls short of gameplay as it doens't have endless waves. But in the core I enjoyed it. The block in the middle is something you can walk through as a player but not as an enemy, might be an interesting mechanic

Scored: 69 (huehue)
Really fun to play the game, would love to get some more feedback about the playerlives (or is it just a buggy collider?) Love the way the bullets end up on the other side of the map