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Hey Can I Use Your Idea for android game ?

Why did not notice 3D sound of his footsteps.

Awesome game boi

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I am the creator of "A Sold House" and I just wanted to help you.

Your cereal was clipping through wall ! Watch this video:

You can see my AI in this game which is 90% just like granny AI

Remind me of Netflix drama "Stranger Things" LOL

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I am not saying that you did not work hard on your game.It was a nice gameplay with alot of bugs...

---First watch this fps video :

---Then add mesh colliders to your stairs.

---For the enemy watch three parts on Monster AI 

like the first one is here

---Also never ever leave any tags behind if you can still add them!

How can i contact the developer ?

Nice Answer thnx. i did not focus on donate option while i was downloading game...

I am going to upload my first game on 9th march. I was just curious how much revenue did you generate?

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Is there any way to contact the developer instead of leaving comments?