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Hey Hi Lucas, thanks for the editor :) Ok I understand you are very busy. Github even if is for two scripts, people can help in add new functionality or fix some bugs or update to a new blender version, maybe this even will help you in you own projects, and I pretty sure this can grow up a little more. BTW github have a wiki for you own repo giving the possibility to add documentation for you project, and its own page (, you can keep simple, all in one place, link to this page. For discussion some comments here, report issues on github. For Patreon, just an idea, not sure though... I think just for the incentive and see how much people are interested to see this grow, donating some bucks monthly for maintenance =) regards.

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Can you upload in github? How about a patreon? Maybe I'm wrong but is seems an abandoned project. Thank you.

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Thank you!

EDIT: Fix the problem with the exporter my fault :D