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Hi! I just tested it and it now works! It sideloaded correctly. When I launch the game it says "warning", with an empty box underneath, and I have to press A to launch the game, first time I saw that on a Playdate game.

But once the game is loaded, it plays correctly, I managed the roots all the way down!

Hi, I'm getting the same error message as Sgungilee, so I can confirm that it's not just a problem on their side. It gives the error message right from the sideload page on the Playdate website, not allowing it to be sideloaded on Playdate.

I'm just over 3 hours in and so far I'm loving it! I just made my first Tequila!

I decided to get the game after reading your "The Making of Factory Farming" log, which appeased my worries about how the performance of a game like this would be on Playdate. You really worked hard on this and it shows!

Also, not sure how easy it is to add for a browser game made in Unity, but it would be great if it had controller support to make it more accessible!

I just completed the game, it's great!

Only feedback I would give is to add Z to undo a move as it's expected now in Sokoban-like games, and make the stick picking/dropping quicker (or instantaneous). There could be an animation, but I think the animation should be quick and not block the player's movement if they want to move right away. I often found myself feeling like I was stuck in place when trying to move after picking the stick, or moving twice as soon as the picking animation was completed if I had clicked again thinking it didn't register the first time.

Oh, and one other thing, I think it would be super cute if the dog started walking in the direction of movement when not carrying a stick, and turn towards the stick when it picks it up. It would have to be tested to make sure it's not confusing since the dog isn't turning when holding a stick, but I think it would help give it more personnality!

Other than that, I loved it! I can't wait to see where it goes in future updates!

I really enjoyed it!! Original game systems and great puzzle design, well done!

Beautifully creepy! I love small games like this that start with a simple idea and manage to add an original twist to it. Well done!

Thanks!! I'll check it out!

Thank you! It will depend if I find time between my other projects, but I'd definitely like to create more in the future!

Awesome, thanks for sharing!