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Josep G. Camarasa

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Thanks Alex! Totally agree with your feedback, appreciate your input!

Thanks Asue for the kind words, much appreciated! Completely agree with your feedback, I thought about multiple lives but didn't have time to toy with it. I hope to do better next time!

Hey thanks jvolonte, glad you like it!

Hey Thoof, thanks for the kind words. Those are fair criticisms! I would have liked to convey more what the player had to do in "hunt mode". Let's hope next time I figure out that stuff!

Hey greenworks thanks for the nice comment and feedback! Yeah, I'm really disappointed in myself about how I handled the balancing and difficulty. Still, the game is intended to die soon and play again so I'd say level 4 is reaally good!

Can't thank you enough, paid more than the minimum gladly. People like you make this whole scene better.

Hey, thanks! 

Yes, I've been using Godot exclusively for the past few months and I've been loving it :)

Thanks Pouley! I might revisit the game in the future, as I'm doing with the WJ18 one. I also think Coop would fit really nicely!

Thank you for the kind words!!