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I understand, anyway thank you very much for answering!

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Thanks for answering! and excuse another question, could you also tell me where you got the songs from your game? (once in a lifetime) they are great!

Hi! I wanted to tell him that your game, Once In a Lifetime, is the best ever! I really like all his music, his story and his characters, they are great! I like how you can combine everything into a single game, humor, horror, serious moments, sad moments, the character design, the music, everything is great! I'm going to support him on Patreon for this great game. I also wanted to ask you if you could tell me with which program you created the characters and the scenaries of your game (Once in a Lifetime) because I wanted to make my own game and I really liked the design of your characters, if you could tell me I would really appreciate it

Hello good evening, I have a question, when will or is there a date for the Princess Guard update? I really liked the game quite a bit, even though it is about 6 days old it is one of my favorite visual novels, I finished playing it recently and I can say that the story is really amazing and interesting, the characters and the graphic design is beautiful and cool, I also quite liked the background music. That is why I wanted to know if a new update will come out soon or it is still a long time away, I hope and you can answer me. Thank you! congratulations on creating a great game! when i have the chance to contribute to the project on patreon i will

Hi! Wow seriously this is the best game in the world !!! It has an interesting story, it has many scenes, I also like the design of the characters, and the music is great too! I've played a lot of visual novels and this is really the best. Congratulations and thank you for bringing us this great game.

 By the way I also have a question, I hope you can answer me, the character of Lisa will also be or will she have scenes with the main character (MC)? I really liked her! And thank you !!!

Hello!  Excuse me, but I have a question, I know you have been asked a lot of questions about this, but I would very much like if you could answer me, please.  This is a great game, it's the best I've ever played and with the latest updates, there are a lot of new and mechanical things I've seen and I want to give it a try, but the game is in English only, and I don't know much English.  I wanted to know if there will be a Spanish version or will the game just be in English.  Thanks!

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I'm playing on PC

Hello! Wow, this is the best game in the world! He has a lot of options and things to do, he also has a lot of girls, the graphic design is amazing and the story is incredibly good and very interesting. I love this game, it is my favorite!
And I wanted to ask you something, I already downloaded v0.1.2 and I weigh about 9GB, but I wanted to know if when the Spanish version comes out I have to download the full game again, it is that my internet is too slow and it takes a long time to download the game :(
And I will also support the project on patreon with a donation. I will wait for the next updates.
Thank you!!!

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Thanks for answering my question, and as for the updates don't feel bad, you are the only person who is working on the development of this game and I know that it is very difficult to bring constant updates since it takes a lot of work , in addition, each new update brings a lot of new and interesting story with amazing quality. 

I'm very happy that Reiko and Naoto are going to have several happy endings together, it's amazing, thanks!. 

If I played the Spanish version, and the truth in the branch of science the last act left me a little sad, hahaha. And you're right, the best is yet to come! I will eagerly await the next update.


Hello. Wow! The truth is this is the best game I have played, I can say that it is even the best game in the world !!! His story is wonderful, his characters, his settings, the music, everything is great! I congratulate you on your work and thank you so much for bringing us this great game and for trying to bring us new updates as soon as possible. And I also wanted to ask you a question, I already finished all the routes, the one from the science club and the one from the volleyball club, and I really liked Reiko's route, I wanted to know if at the end, of any of all the routes, Reiko-san and Naoto-san are going to end up together as a couple, because the truth is I really like their story, it is my favorite, is my favorite couple in the game. Thank you!!!

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Very good game, I had already played the previous version and it was great, but this one is even better, I congratulate you. But there is a problem, that in the previous version everything was complete translated into Spanish, but in this version only small parts are translated and almost nothing is understood, if you could please add the complete version to Spanish of the game it would be great, thanks

Not has a version for 32bits?

In the next update there will also be a Spanish translation as in version v0.1.1

And in the new update, can you continue with the saved file from v0.1.1 or will you have to start everything from the beginning?

great game, it's one of my favorites, a new update will come out soon or it's still a long way off