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I thought I got all of the division by zero errors, but it seems I missed one. I'll push an update, thanks for letting me know!

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Thanks for the feedback, I pushed an update that specifies things with parentheses.

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Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you liked the game! Believe it or not, there was a full polynomial integral solver equation in the code, although there is a chance you'll get lucky and just deal with x^0 or x=0 to x=0. I tried to simplify it to an equation so it could easily scale with increasingly complex arguments. In code, it's actually written as

correctAnswer = str( int(floor( argumentOne * (pow(argumentThree, argumentTwo + 1) / (argumentTwo + 1.0) + argumentFour * argumentThree ) )))

Where argument one is the variable coefficient (ex. 4x), argument two is the exponent (ex. x^3), argument three is where the integral ends (as in x=0 to x=argumentThree) and argument four is the constant in the end-game (ex. integral of x + 4).