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looks awesome

He doesn't have jump animation?

that minotaur looks dope, instant buy

these sega master system style is very good, I'm saving it to buy later


what are the other animations?
I want cat sprites and to my liking these are the ones that look the best, but I don't know how their animation is, a GIF with watermarks would not be bad.

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It's incredible that I haven't seen any of your work before, they look great, soon I'll definitely buy the ones inspired by Mario, do you plan to get more of the Castlevania style?

5 stars


good job

looks awesome

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third run and passes the game, i buffed my weapon at no reason: increases damage over time, puts poison, lots of shields, vampirism.
ring shields increase over time and has 8 uses with that flower thar refills mana plus the wands regenerates too, 1st defensive run, going offensive is a bad idea

haha i will no use them, but you stole me a smile with the title.

hello sir, i am very interested. It's just what I need, but my project is designed for mobile(android), is there any way to include touch controls?

these sprites will be a legend

looks awesome, specially the sound, pause and music buttons

these sprites looks much better than the previous ones, congrats.

los probare cuando haga algo con lo de gothicvania

looks so good

looks like pokemon red/blue, awesome work.

I will study this for my next project, thanks

looks awesome

I can't find the swordsman in any of your packs, is it for sale?

i really like the music

nice work sir

buen roboton webon, gracias por el asseton!

thank you sir

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no download link sir?

wow nice

Looks so cool, but how could I add a gun to the red soldier?

wow they are perfect, i will use this pack to learn rpg

its ok, good work

sounds good!

this music makes me want to learn to code an RPG game, congratz, you are a very talented artist


looks so cute

la manaos xDDDDDDD en algo lo voy a usar

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good game, i hate the randomness on the last boss, the small sword spawns in your face and hurt you, maybe you should activate the  hitbox after 0.25-0.5 secs from spawn time.

Nothing to say about the rest, it is very well done and beautiful.