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Jez Swanson

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I came across this game, assuming it would be a one-off project and love how every time I visit it something new is added! I love all of the changes so far, getting rid of the gradients and the way they shift when you solve one word, and the idea of a daily dordle is very fun! Nice one :)


Thanks! I'll see how I got but I may continue to explore this concept and expand on this game. Stay tuned!

Thanks!! :)

Haha, I didn't intend for them to be invisible, just the game doesn't render stuff outside the main section of the level for optimization reasons. Otherwise it gets too slow haha.

Thanks! I did say I was going to add more levels, so it's not too late to send a dog into the abyss...

Haha nah for real I did have a level idea like that, although the dog would be happy with a bone, so it's not a pit but more like a little den!

Hi! I made the bulk of this game for Ludum Dare 48, so it was just one weekend! I made a few tweaks to the game after that weekend (which I wrote about in a little blog post)

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Thank you!

Thanks! :)

Hm! What browser are you using, and did you grant the web page access to use your microphone?

If you want to help me figure out what's going on, if you pull up the browser developer console (search for browser name + "open developer console" for instructions on how to do that), then the messages there might be able to help figure out if it's recognizing the speech at all

aha, not yet. I am working on it, and getting close!

Thanks for asking! I'm planning on taking a look later in December, when I'll have more time