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A member registered Aug 31, 2016

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Hey ! Congrats for the new level ! It's a bit short, but the mechanics are awesome ! The song is great, but to suit it, you should change the voiced sounds with the spotlights (the "get-set!") for something more like drums. Great job tho !

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Well, I've subscribed for a year already, and I was almost shocked (in a good way) when I saw that THE MACHINE WAS ON ! Anyway, keep on being awesome !

Aaaand, I've just played August's level, it's pretty cool but you should 1: add warnings about the flashing colors etc, for the slightly epileptic and people who could play withot any problem so far, but could still have trouble with this one, and 2- you should either mix the new beat with the classic 7th tick, or make it a bit more hearty, not equal, but mor like a 'pa-pam ! pa-pam !'. Or you could keep this idea for a more jazzy level IDK.

Hey ! Great job so far ! I once finished the bonus level, but I lost my save and cannot do it again. Is that how you unlock Tier 4 or is it somehow else ?