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Before I plonk down $2 I just want to get a clear indication, in cup size, how big the boobs are in this game. Thanks in advance.

Yes, so excited for this!!

Pg. 15 "

She draws the ace of clubs. Sheila

consults the Dungeon Guide for the Vault of

Viscount Alard Hund to see what encounter

the 2 of clubs represents." 

I'm assuming this is a typo. In any case, I'm excited to try this. The mechanics here are very intuitive.

Love it! Simple and effective.

This is awesome. Gonna be adding this to my campaign.

This looks fantastic! Been looking for a rules-lite Gaslands, this fits the bill.

These are simply beautiful and imaginative!

Interested in this one. Is this for large scale or skirmish scale battles? Solo rules included? Scenarios? Weapon profiles? Thanks!

Thanks for checking it out! Room contents are only rolled for room sections. Your question did make me think about adding a “corridor content” table just to spice things up.


What is the typical warband model count? 

The Referee's guide is a great source for solo idea generation. Definitely gonna give this a go solo.

Really enjoying my time with this one! Would love to see a fantasy version of it too!

Fantastic! Got stuck for a bit though, will try again later today. Love the writing and the humor. The pixel art is also top notch. Well done!

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Hi Maczimer

Yes, there are two blank pages after the front cover as well as a page in the end, these are placeholder pages for the purpose of booklet printing. I can upload a separate file without the blanks. If you want to print the game out just omit those pages and you’ll be good to go.

Thanks for checking it out!