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What do you mean getting to 270k hearts isnt healthy (i love this game)

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I'm horrid at reviews but I loved Inverness Nights too much not to review it! Started it during a night of insomnia when I couldn't get myself to pay attention to anything and the writing hooked me straight away; I have a lot of love for the little, hard-hitting lines like, "Alas silenced every possible meeting this dress could've had."

I ended up doing several runs back-to-back and was really surprised at the amount of content I completely missed my first playthrough (my personality is relatively closer to Tris compared to the other characters so I ended up playing him as an unmitigated prideful loner the first time around lol). Having him listen to Shell's advice more in other runs seemed to allow him and those around him to show a bit more vulnerability, which was incredibly heartwarming, and the end of that one scene where Alas and Shell both leave Tris and he expresses how tired he is of being scared (of being "caught") was really emotional for me.

Big, big thank you to the talented dev team for this gem!

Edit: just realized you're involved with Catacomb Prince, another fave. You're too powerful. 

So grateful to have stumbled across this gem in the Racial Justice Bundle, I'd so much fun with it! I can't remember the last time I've written for the joy of it, but 10 notebook pages down and I've gotten more than a little attached. Thanks for your lovely work :'^)!

Really lovely; definitely made me a little misty. Ty for making this <3

*injects gnarl's route intravenously thru my arm* gotta get m'fix. 

Hey, thanks for my entire life/daydream fuel HeartForge u funky lil gamedev