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It's certainly in our plans! We're stoked you love it!

Thank you so much! Relaxing is what we're aiming for, so that's good to hear :)

Thank you! We're glad you like it! :)

Awesome, thank you! That's really encouraging to hear :)

Thank you so much!

Hey, thanks for checking it out! We appreciate your feedback, going to add one now.

Environment - neat and clean!
Models - well animated and clean, makes the gameplay clear
Menus - Nice options menu and Start menu. I liked the blurred background for the menu! I like the color palette of the buttons too. 
Tutorial - Very nice putting that in the game, I tried it without the tutorial and still figured it mostly out (intuitive controls). The combos are interesting!
Music - Very chill vibes, and engaging. Makes me want to play more.

Good job getting music and sound effects in! 

I kind of just played against myself but it was still fun. :) - I'll have to pull in some friends to play it more!

Can't wait to see what the other modes are, and what else you guys do! 
Very impressive given the jam and the timeframe! 


- Lucas

Thanks Many Word Creations. You may be mildly interested in the article I wrote for my game. The color complement you gave me means a lot, because as you see in my post, I put a bit of thought into it.

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This is a cool mix of breakout and Warlords with nice graphics and sound effects! Great Entry! I really like that you offered multiple stages. It made me play a few more times. 

I really like the ghosting and the visual effects here. It's awesome! 

Just made sure when I installed Unity I included their "WebGL" Build option. Just built straight from Unity! :)

You are completely correct. "Unity Web Player" no longer works in Chrome because they don't consider NPAPI safe. Unity, in response has been working hard to provide a WebGL/HTML5 version of the webplayer. They are working hard to eliminate bugs and performance issues.

Hope this helps! :)

Thanks Notester! I'm glad you liked it. We actually released v1.1 with the intention of fixing that, but there are still cases where it happens. It's a bit difficult to catch and understand >.<

You also have the distinguished title of 'first comment ever' on any of our pages!