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hi, i bought the game and i can't interact with anything. I can only walk the ship, but without doing anything else. Please tell me if this is so or am I doing something wrong. Thanks

ADACA community · Created a new topic Very good

Very good game. Great work!! 

After community · Created a new topic Nothing

100 days have passed since my last post and there hasn't been a single update. Itch io users don't even have access to the beta. I'm sorry I paid 20 euros for this. 

After community · Created a new topic Why?

Why don't you upload the beta to Itch io?

Another question: is there a menu at stake? Can't save the game?


Please help. After eating something, the game tells me to go to bed but nothing happens. Is it a bug?
After community · Created a new topic After

Hi, I bought After and I like the concept ... I wanted to ask how to access the beta (it only gives me access to the alpha) and if the save system is implemented. Thanks and keep going!

It's not that it's made with the horror kit, but it's the unity horror kit without a single change ... You haven't added anything ... This isn't a game, it's the unity demo itself

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Mysteriously, one of my comments disappears. It is important that this does not happen because it is the only way for users to know if a purchase is worth it or not.
From your words I deduce that I have already done everything that could be done, with what it seems that this is simply a paid demo with 15 minutes of play ... I think you should clarify it so that people know what we are paying for

full version

Please help. After watching the vhs on tv I can't do anything else. There are no keys, nothing happens, the doors are still closed ...

Is very very good game!! . Thanks Viktor!!