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me encanto el juego, me cague del susto en todo el momento jajaja

aquí mi vídeo (argentina xd)


Will you have updates? Will it come out complete? Will you have to configure the graphics? I loved the game but I just run and I can't find anything and the fps won't let me play that much hahaha

Why did you cancel it? the game is very cool: c

al ver esto siento que beyond the gate se cancelo xdxd


The truth, this is the second time I downloaded it after many days

oye desarrollador, debes poner que vergas actualizas, solamente actualizas pero no nos dices que, y no me gusta descargarlo y averiguarlo :/

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hey friend, download your game and it looks great, the bad thing is that when I open the game I put the settings at ease (1280x720, graphics: media) but once I click on "play" everything is reset and is at 1366x768 and high graphics and the fps go to 5-10 and I can not play, any solution?

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you are welcome :)

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listen to your ideas I love it I recommend putting everything in the menu (blur, resolution, shadows, etc.) to configure it to your liking and that once you are in the game you can press ESC and you can only change some things to avoid crashing or things for the style (I have no experience in development games hahaha)
The monster / ghost, I think you should change it (I only give an opinion, it is your development and decision) does not seem very scary, only 30%, it would be better if you look like the design with the grim reaper and look at the details. "
I played your game several times because it surprises me and the truth is very promising, I love it, luck in the development, I send you a greeting from Argentina ;3
PS: if you do it in HD, I recommend more optimization because I tried the HD version and it was great, which is not the fps, they were low, for that reason, more optimization would be better (I have Intel HD) but well, your decision, friend ;3

Oh that sounds great! I'll wait: 3

A versus would be great, imagine that two friends are playing and one is the monster while the other the survivor, one chasing the other and will have more intelligence than artificial intelligence, I mean ?. I wish it was more optimized just in case: 3

IT'S GREAT! very scary, I almost scream more than a scared girl will have updates? Or rather, will you release the full version of the game? because believe me this is sooo good <3

When will the demo be released? or any demo?

¡GUAU! <3 <3

I don't know, I hope that I have tried many games with unity and none failed me. the ones that were some of Unreal Engine 4 of the error that continues to exist since 2015

the error persists after updating the driver, I surrender this will never have a solution, it is very clear that a real engine is more interested in money than solving things xdx

A MOMENT! I just scanned and it has come out that there is an update available for the video card I will install it and then I will tell you if it was solved or not

Yes, according to the microsoft program that you download to check for updates, everything is up to date (Driver Assistant and Intel® technical assistance)

Okay, I'll wait, your games are worth waiting for: 3

Intel(R) HD Graphics

I get an error (the same one I commented on in your previous game) and what I know is that those are due to the Unreal Engine version v.4.18 so I'm sorry, I won't be able to play it and give you my opinion of the game :(

I would like an update for more fps also an optimization, the fps are low and it is not playable for me

hey buddy great game looks good but needs optimization the fps are low will it have an update?

mi video:estuvo genial el juego me gusto bastante y hubiera estado perfecto unos jumpscare

 Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU  N2808  @ 1.58GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.6GHz

Memory: 4096MB RAM

DirectX Version: DirectX 12

 Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU  N2808  @ 1.58GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.6GHz

Memory: 4096MB RAM

DirectX Version: DirectX 12

hahaha it's not your fault, it's worth having downloaded your game the truth is amazing, I hope you solve it so you can see everything new, take your time crack <3 <3

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beautiful game and it's been a long time since I played it, is it still in development? When will the full game come out? Will it come out on steam and please pass me the URL of the game? (if it is on the steam page to add it to the wish list)

I have a problem, any solution to this? I open the game and it stays on the black screen and I can only see the game cursor and when I click this I get it and it always happens to me and I can't play HELP PLEASE I WANT TO PLAY IT !!

I have a problem, any solution to this?

I have a problem, any solution to this? when I start it, the music of the menu (if it has a menu) accompanied by a black screen is heard, when 1 or 2 minutes passes, that window jumps

¡¡oh yes!! ♡

Hello, I have played little of this game (I only saw the monster running at the beginning) because the fps that I have in the game are low and it does not let me play well but the game is magnificent it has a good return, the darkness, light, what horror everything is more than good makes me remember The Forest. I have a question when will another update come out or will the full game come out and if it will have to change the graphics with advanced?

Oh yeah!! That sounds spectacular, the truth is that I can no longer stand to see what you have for everyone, you have a great talent in textures and lighting, I hope that your development goes well. I wish you luck from Argentina (I hope it has more languages;))

I have seen that it was called Devotion and when I google another game with the same name comes out and it is from China because of the appearance I want to know what happened there that now the game is called "Beyond the Gate" and if it is still in development because I want to play it and if there is a download or not but I would like to know if it will come out or not

HELP! when I start the game only the gray screen remains (I think it is the home screen) and the background music plays from start to finish over and over again but nothing appears to me and when I click it tells me "the program left to work "and I want to play but I can't. Does anyone have a solution?

When will it be on steam?