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hope i got the job. guess i'll know soon. can't wait to get a submissive doppelganger gf

Tried to get as far as possible without prestiging. Managed to make it pretty far, and could go farther but it is extremely tedious at this point. Looking forward to future updates.

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i presume white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red with white as worst and red as best

Lots of fun. I second the idea for an auto equip upgrade

leaving a comment so I can easily come back to this game again. Excited for the steam release

Same bug on opera GX and mullvad browser

fun game

I had a lot of fun with this! The only things I'd recommend are not allowing plants to be infinitely stackable in a single spot. Also, can confirm it runs well on mac.

The video should be finished soon. There have been many delays but it is finally getting close to being finished. I originally planned on it being 5 minutes long or so but it is turning out to be way, way longer.

I've wanted to make a video about this game for over a year now but never gotten around to it. Would you be alright if I did?

amazing game

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I have one more question. Is it possible to complete every level in the game without using the replacement tiles on the right? It has seemed possible on every level I've played so far except the first one.

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the game is fun, but I've been stuck for over an hour on level 4 (the one with a green power source and a yellow power source but 2 yellow outlets) because there is an open line with the green power source. The tutorial didn't really explain what those were or how to solve them, so I'm at a complete roadblock. I'm giving up on it for now since I have absolutely no idea what to do from here. I don't think I understand the goal of that level at all or what the green power source is used for there.

I dislike the feature where you need to spin tiles around multiple times sometimes for the power to connect, but that might be a bug.

Besides those problems though, the game has been a really fun puzzle, and really difficult at that. I don't at all mean to come off as rude here, I'm just completely stuck and confused. It is a good game.

The luck aspect can be annoying but I've found that upgrading blocking dice before anything else makes it more likely I'll survive. You could try that and maybe it would help.

I didn't realize it was possible to beat the game lol

It is fun but the end screen never appears? When I die , it just immediately starts again from floor 1.

I've found that I get that error whenever the villager confronts me about dealing rats and I respond with anything other than beg. I also found a small glitch where at the round table, you sell a sword and shield for 100 but you don't receive the money. Apart from these minor glitches though, this game is great.

I played it and was having fun but I got this error after a while:


events/villagerConfrontation.lua:33: attempt to compare nil with number


events/villagerConfrontation.lua:33: in function 'effect'

///coin.lua:61: in function 'mousereleased'

sections/game.lua:56: in function 'mousereleased'

main.lua:50: in function <main.lua:48>

[C]: in function 'xpcall'

This was really well made! I've seen this type of puzzle game a lot but the spells made the game feel fresh from start to finish. Good game :)

Completed in 55:42. The last section was very very difficult. I liked the game :)

I couldn't beat it because the monster spawn places felt entirely luck based. Also, the screen would sometimes just go black and I'd have to start the game from the beginning.

Best Ludum Dare game I've ever played. If this were made into a full game, I'd definitely buy it.

I really like the mechanic of touching the red checkpoints killing you. I bet a level where the checkpoints were the obstacle would be really cool. I like the game so far.

Can't beat level 12 even with a walkthrough. Currently spent an hour on it but I just can't do it.

This was awesome. I spent about an hour to get the good ending, and then another 2 hours to get no damage + all hearts. Really challenging but never got frustrating. Great game!

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I solved level 30 but the bullets dont respawn when I use them so I only get 1 attempt at each shot or I need to restart. Could you fix the glitch there?

It really hurts that I made it to level 30 but gave up because of a glitch.

You can restart a level by pressing r

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The screen turned black at about the 5th part. I tried refreshing the page but now it doesn't respond to anything and just tells me to press x to begin. I'm now stuck on the title screen.

This is hands down the best game I've ever played on Loved the design and boss fights!

How does the cloning thing work? I've spent about an hour on the final boss so far and I've only been able to accidently clone myself once. Looking at the videos of people who beat the game, they cloned somehow to beat the boss but I wasn't able to do it.

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Great game, but sometimes I would start a new round after dying and spawn right on top of some adventurers, or so close that I would get hit before I could move.

Either way, I would lose 1-2 hearts immediately. if that happened before I got promoted, it is better to just restart the game than try to play it out.

It happened maybe 5% of the time, but it made the game pretty difficult in a way that felt unfair. Kind of luck based difficulty.

5 stars anyway, because the game was great and it only was a small problem.

Downloading the game fixed the problem. Thank you!

That didn't work for me, odd.

Possibly. I was using the browser version.

How were you able to get past the part with the dancing tree at 7:54?

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Also, I'm not able to open the menu. I'm not sure if I'm dumb or if it is just a glitch with my computer.

There seems to be a softlock as soon as I reach the part where I need to dance for the tree. No matter what I press, the first 1 block turns red and I have to restart. I've pressed every key on the keyboard, but nothing works.

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Really easily exploitable. Just stand on the bottom area and shoot and jump, and you are basically invincible.

Also, sometimes I would turn into a blue bat after getting hit by one. When that happens, I usually cant move for atleast 3 seconds or so sometimes compromising the game. 

Evolving into creatures actually makes the game harder, so it seems to be a better strategy to avoid the pellets enemies drop entirely.

Finally, I have a recommendation.

It is pretty hard to spam click to shoot without a mouse. Could you make a key like K which hands normally rest on a key you can press to shoot as well.

I enjoyed the game, though. It was a pretty nice premise, and I had a good time trying to get the highest score possible. I got to about 10.5k. I hope the problems can be fixed.

Anyway, I would give the game a mid-low 4 stars because it was fun, but not very interesting to play after about 30 minutes. It just became repetitive.