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No change of camera and no difference in tilemap origins.

So I tried the system following the basic setup video. But my "normal_begin" tiles are offset by something upon x and y axis. (and perhaps scale, as i tried tile offsets without success )

here's some images:
(without the normals layer)

(with normals layer being offset for unknown reason)

Please Help!!

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Hi, your lighting system looks amazing... 
I just purchased and was just wondering (before I attempt it) if It can do something like this:
( I like how the trees and bushes are lit, but cast shadows... )

I presume this is possible?

When you're ready.


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Your interior and exterior tilesets look pretty good upscaled with xbr 2x algorithm ;)

That's what I'm doing for my project ☺️.

I appreciate the singles folder as it saves cutting out objects to place, and helps when batch inputting images. But not all things are in the singles folder.. if you could update them please, 🙏

Thanks for the tilesets, they are amazing! 👍

Amazing! Great work! :)

Good Job!


Just found this, awesome collection! 

I could try...

Can u please add an animation of turtle coming out of the shell after withdraw?

I would also love it if these could be animated. It's a legit set of enemies that fit the one theme.🙂

I would happily pay💲for animations of this set. 

Keep up the good work!❤️

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awesomeness 😎👍 Thanks. 

These will go well somewhere in "Bouncy Wild Chronicles" .. ahem .. maybe you will see them in it one day.. 

i have a lighting system.. so i will add the lighting to the lamps. 👌

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Can we get this as a .png or .zip of .pngs ? (Preferably transparent, with light as seperate or not included)

I don't have aseprite...

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It's good to see this asset pack is finished..
400 updates...
You sir, are a legend !

I'm looking forward to seeing the "Exteriors" tileset,
now that "Interiors" are done...

Thanks LimeZu :D

Just found this,
I wish I had money to buy your game... #poor.

It looks interesting, and i love the look of the 3D + 2D gfx.

Glad I seen ur comments. I was thinking I was gonna have to comment about that myself...

Good to hear there's an update 😃

YYP Maker community · Created a new topic AWESOME!!!

You saved my project from being rewritten! :D

Thanks for making awesome software :P


Thanks for creating these awesome art assets. I will probably use a lot of the art in my game.

This Asset and the othr Cozy one are awesome 😀

Keep on being awesome 😋.

Ye awesome! 

I look forward to buying your exterior asset to match this style. 😀 

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🎮♦️🎵Hey LimeZu!!🎵♦️🎮 

This asset is one of the best resources on in my opinion, and my opinion is Valid 😉

With all the stuff in this asset, you've done a great job. It's amazing. I'm at lack of words... 

Thanks for this asset + all the updates. I purchased this almost a year ago.. ( says 329 days ago. ) 315 updates so far, That's Incredibly 🆒! 😎

I'm following this asset, so i receive updates on it... You've been releasing consistent updates, that's epic! 😃

Very nice to see you reached your $9,999.99 goal of your "Summer Sale 2021".  ( ...and you even exceeded the goal some. 😛 )

Did ️I mention:  I ❤️ this Asset. 💯%

How long will you continue with updates? ( Maybe until you run out of ideas/things to draw? ) You're a great pixel artist, be happy with that skill. Most people don't pixel near as good. 😊

PS: I was wondering if I could suggest an update theme?
🛠️ Crafting Stations?

Anything you can think of as being used to craft things. ( If you decide to take on the Crafting Stations theme, maybe have a variety of looks to each craft station, so that buyers are not using the same art as much as they would. ) )

Preferably include any/all? of my crafting station ideas below... ( Assuming you are up for it. 🤠 )

a) Forge (smelt ores into bars).

b) Anvil (shape bars into products).

c) Woodworking Bench with saw. (shape wood into products.)

d) Electronics station ( with micro-chips, diodes, or such other )

e) Fashion Station (maybe something like a character sized mirror)

f) Dive station.  (A place to craft dive items. eg. Dive canister(s), flippers, etc.)

h) Potion Station.. (Alchemy Cauldron)

...... Thats Heaps of text ..... SHORRY.

In conclusion to my wall of text, LimeZu , I'd like to offer you the following:

If you need help with anything code related, My Coding Services are available to you... First 6 hours FREE... Just contact me if you're interested.

I usually code:

GM:Studio2 projects, Python networking projects, and Websites (HTML+CSS+JS).


~Jessie OC 


Still having the problem I mentioned in my first post...
I noticed sometimes my objects would only partially load (that or they load invisible).... 

it appears to be cus of invisible wall objects I placed at the same position as some visible ones...

the odd thing is, when I unselect the objects in room editor, (so they won't be included)  and run the GMRoomPack.exe on that room again the error still arises...
BUT DELETE THE INVISIBLE WALLS FULLY (and run the GMRoomPack.exe on that room again)

Can you verify this?

I will send you the email with a link shorty.

So... I guess I've made a workaround for the time being. :)

BTW: Thanks for making such an awesome asset collection.  ( I have yet to purchase all the ones I want. XD )

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TLDR SOLVED: delete the problem instance from the room and replace it from the resource tree.

the error happens upon choosing to pack the room from your cmd line exe.

Maybe my room is bugged? (was actually an obj.)

I exported my rm_Init fine... It only has a few simple objects no tiles. The other has roof tiles.
However idk why... 

The object causing the crash when exporting to included file is called obj_teleportV_GO_INSIDE.
It has a parent called obj_teleport...

Invalid field access:  name    error persists.

Gonna have a look at my object's event's and see if removing parent helps...

- made a new room and copied instances from old room into it...

-deleted each instance type and ran the GMRoomPack.exe again until no error... (determining the object that causes the error).obj_teleportV_GO_INSIDE.

- changing object's parent didn't work, nor name... but after it was named obj_fred, i deleted the instance from the room and replaced it from the resource tree, THIS WORKED!

TLDR SOLVED: delete the problem instance from the room and replaced it from the resource tree.

It's broken with 2.3 update, was working great, then i noticed sometimes my objects would only partially load....
2.3 mini-fix didn't solve.

here's the output from the .exe:

Error occurred while processing C:/Users/JesterOC/Documents/GameMakerStudio2/BOUNCY - VER 064 GOLDEN_Figuritive/rooms/rm_HOUSE01EXT/rm_HOUSE01EXT.yy: Invalid field access : name

Called from live/server/LiveRoom.hx line 312

Called from live/server/LiveRoom.hx line 426

Called from live/server/LiveRoom.hx line 486

Called from live/server/LiveRoom.hx line 542

Called from RoomPacker.hx line 62

Called from RoomPacker.hx line 252

Called from RoomPacker.hx line 270

Press any key to exit!

Can you please fix this?

I see you've written that it uses pure GML... Does that mean the player limit is 1024? 

love your trees!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!

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Hello, I just bought your asset... it works quite well...

I wanted to know if you can include a GMS1/2 example project of how this works with GameMaker...
I was expecting a simple GM project file where the JSON would be loaded into GM so i could just deal with it from there... but unfortunately you have not included such yet?

Just so you know, i'm not asking for a 'dialouge system' for GMS.
I am asking for a compatability layer of sorts...
(A few scripts and objects to demonstrate how the user could pass the variables around and such. specifically the branching of dialouge ).

Let me know if you can.

Hi, these look great.  

Ingredients usually need to be harvested in my game... Do u have harvestable sprites to match these or are you able to do a set to match ?(preferably top-down like in rpgmaker,  static PNGs not animated.)

If you can i will buy both :)

These go well with the Tiny Monsters asset you have, which I also bought and love... Please make more like these  :)

This is amazing! Best city tileset I've seen for sale! I'll be purchasing this later :)


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The Asset is updated, Yay! 

Great work! 🙂

I like that you're asking for opinions for what to add next :)

maybe in the next update you could list some things that you could make?

I particularly love the tilesets and prefabs...

If you feel up to it, i would like to request you add some tilesets for buildings like you have but with roof visible. ( 

Similar to the view style in this pic:


I'd love to use your art in my game. It's called "Shoot and Loot".

Oh..  also.. could you please add mushrooms??


- JesterOC

This looks awesome, thanks for sharing :D