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I'm still in the cube. . .

Waiting. . .

Wanting answers..

So many questions..

Such a fascinating concept and intriguing game. Unfortunately, Sophie and I are still trapped in the game with no where else to run. No more boots. No more friends. No more beautifully colored cubes. Just us alone trapped forever always wondering why. The ultimate existential punishment. Fantastic job in adapting the movie concepts into the game. So absurd I loved it.

I love the aesthetic and the unique game idea ! And the art is beautiful; I would love to see it when it is (hopefully?) completed! :D The music is easy-going and relaxing for a casual monster dating sesh.

I was a bit confused at the beginning with the difference between attraction level and vibe level, as well as didn't know we could input multiple cards! That realization made the game go from terribly difficult to OP monster dater. Overall, fantastic idea

Such beauty and eloquence crafted from my dreams.

So absurd in language, but a really great time and unique rougelike experience. I really enjoyed it :)

Some of my fire lines:



echo if       kick moon

because yellow key oscillate

I looove the artstyle and carefree whimsical music. A great adventuring atmosphere. Grunglesnax da real MVP. Sorry for the cabbage farmer, we have taken many delicious stock. A little confused of the Fire 'Cheese' (??) Chicken. Love the diversity of the different monsters and their effects.

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The heart of the cards compelled me, but ultimately it was the thunder that banished me to the shadow realm. You could say I was... THUNDERSTRUCK \m/ As a musician, I always love some tunes but for a solo jam very impressive with the product. I really enjoyed the simple fun mechanics, fantastic job

The music is so groovy and inspired me to play. Maybe an option to turn off music/volume configuration? I love the smooth transitions each turn; the turn transition gameplay is awesome. I liked the sprites indicating their difficulty using chess pieces, but then with the extra robot and samurai is a little different thematically could be confusing. But in the end, I got screwed D:

I loved time bending with tactical shooting, while avoiding the colorful areas. I enjoyed shooting down those dastardly cars for the little time I had, but they overran me quickly. Would be cool to be able to restart in game instead of re-loading the cartridge every time?

What a fantastic introduction to this world. But alas,  our Fantastic tale of the Fantastic F-man comes to an end... quite literally I was caught between a rock and a hard place.

Unfortunately, or fortunately..

So anyway, I started blasting

The first few waves I dash in between boulders, taking the lives of my enemies without breaking a sweat. Then the heat ramps up as waves increase.. and as soon as I know it I begin descending a staircase of infinite bullets into a darkness which is my only freedom. I descend into a pitch black sky of 43 levels defeated.

Cute visuals and good feedback, with hilarious bosses and I am left speechless at the final boss.

However, free-quency power is OP and I just spam clicked my way through life..

Free Quency.

I love the mindless flow about this game. Now just need smooth music to match the smooth visuals

Finding and matching frequencies were easy to understand once I knew to place the lil shapes up top near the one below... but then mix matching the shapes happened..

I really enjoyed decking out my beam after every level growing stronger and stronger, but I felt like this strength was unmatched and unchallenged as the game progressed and I ran out of upgrades.

With trusty notepad in hand [and external Morse code key] I try to solve the mystery of my situation! Display was hard to read, but I like the idea of message passing in a gripping thriller context.

ALLAMAZING SPORTS! Such a fun aesthetic

We had some troubles with gauging where to hit/aim in the beginning, but eventually grew to become masters of head-butting in this intense tourney.

I have seen the light.

Many a lesson in dexterity and patience. The lighting effects are great. Would be cool to know that red = save point

Fantastic ambient music. Quincy and I went on a virtuous adventure together but the end came abruptly too soon. I love the frequency changes mechanic.  It would be cool to see Quincy show off more chameleon with changing colors or camouflage too.

Cute and carefree bobbing in the waves. What is my purpose

At first I think... too easy spaceman jon... and then madness unfurls. I love the chaotic juggling of the keyboard and the immersion of the story. Initially, it was difficult to figure out exactly what to do with some modules.

Interesting simulation! The monitor effect fits the immersion too. It would be cool if there was more feedback eg. when a song ends and the tapedeck is empty

I love this game's aesthetic ♥

Thank you!

this is a fantastic game!