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Oof thanks for letting me know!

Thank you for taking the time to provide that feedback. That's really helpful — and I've saved it in my notes!

I hadn't considered building a desktop app for this game. Is it a preference or is it not working for you in the browser? 

They're just as useful in the game as they are in real life!

I don't either, don't worry.

I'll say it:

This is one of the most important apps ever to be made.

What was your anxiety/s?

Thank you for the additional details. I'll be digging into this one when I have the chance!

Hi mynery! Yes the way it works is there is one stream of computation that adds $84/s to your total money, but then there is another, separate stream of computation that subtracts $75 every second. I can see how that is confusing! 

What would be happening is your money should be rapidly increasing, and then every second, $75 is subtracted. If you're seeing that your money per second is higher than $75 and yet your total money continues to decrease, let me know! 

I don't see any submissions in my queue either :(

I just pushed a new version -- check it out!

Hey I just pushed a new version -- check it out!

Ah I figured this one out -- games that use `localStorage`, a native Browser-based method of keeping track of game data -- can't access it for folks who are not logged in to For example, if you try to play a game that uses `localStorage` in Incognito mode, you'll get localstorage errors in the console. 

In the most recent update yesterday, I've omitted localstorage access completely so that anyone can play Existence Simulator regardless of logged in status. 

This is a masterclass in a good arcade game loop. Bravo!

I love the "Say corporate things" part. What a fun game!

Hooray Existence!

Thanks for your feedback! It's interesting that the more time we spend on possible choices we can make in life, the more we have to remember to check on our mental health--lest it get out of control and we spiral into a nervous breakdown c.c

Thanks for your feedback! While I think there is something to be said about its current state as a social commentary on modern existence, I do plan on releasing additional updates (namely, upgrades and triggers) when I have time. How far did you make it?

You made it 363 years! WOW! I think that makes you qualified to suggest additional things to buy in "try your best." As soon as you unlock the ability to "work," I was thinking about having some items (like a weighted blanket) you could buy at $20 and $40 price points. In one version that I scrapped, I had random medical conditions appear throughout your life, ultimately limiting your maximum age to somewhere around 100. 

The highest I've managed to get is 191.