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Whenever I download the 64bit version of the game it crashes before the game can even open and when I switch to 32 it's buggy and broken

I'm excited that the full product is finally out but I'm not sure if it's a singular me issue or not but the steam version doesn't want to download for some reason. It get to the end of the download but then tells me it has a disk write error and won finish the download. Does anyone know how to fix it I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting steam. nothing

I there a way to change the screen resolution? Because most of the game seems to be cut off my scree

I really wish I didn't play the demo for this game a few months back.  because I loved it so much and  got too emotionally invested. When I had finished it I couldn't even try to move onto a new vn. When the game comes out I will 100 percent be spending hours in a gremlin state trying to replace sad with this cute guy!!

For some reason I can't control deff. Once I get to the first place where I have to move and it says a and d to move nothing happens.

Ah. That makes so much more sense. I think I played too many of those meta pc games like one shot or I'm scared so I expected somthing to be there

During the games text adventure portion it claims that the not on the machine is in my game package but looking through the files I can't find it. Is this intentional. Am I just too stupid?

This looks amazing! It's a game I have to spread word of!

For some reason when i follow the directions for making the map it doesn't work and leaves me with just a green screen and my character

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This comment section makes me feel a little sick