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what’s up cazdev! Dropping in to say awesome concept an legit execution, most esp for an early version. Would love to learn how to dev vr games and apps. But frankly, have no idea where to start. Gotta find someone skilled who finds irl rewarding to teach, lol 

dude. is there ANY chance to get a apk for standalone quest. this i do beg.

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Dude I loved your last release So, apk when??

> seemed like this genre was severely underrepresented among VR games. 

Oh, you could not be more spot-on with that assessment. Which is awful, considering it's among my favorite genres. Thank you much and more for this.

i would kill for an apk of this. Please?

Dude. Apk?


HOLY SHIT you finally made an apk!! Dude, I've been rage-lusting after this for the quest for months on end, each time like "Oh damn this looks EPIC". right to two min later "Oh god damn it its for Daydream. Wtf even IS daydream! never mind i hate it". 

In short. Bless you laddie.

Man, PLEASE make this work for the Oculus Quest as an APK. MUCH BEG


I am extremely excited to hear you are still working on this and developing a game around it. I support the absolute shit out of this notion. You've done incredible work here, please do go on. 

will this work on the oculus ?

This looks like a riot

This is incredible work--truly well done.

by god this looks amazing.

I never saw any explosions, but damned if when I hold grab to several of the interactable levers the whole copter shoots up, lands on its side, and then I'm permanently perpendicular to the ground. Shit needs fixin. Could be exceedingly cool if it worked an with a bit more detail. Basic controls plz.

This is PHENOMENAL. I've been dying for a game like this to come to the Quest. Updates yesterday plz!

This is pretty damn cool mate, now I'm just waiting for some updates to see where ya take it!

Mindful Magician community · Created a new topic issue

Not working for Quest One. 

Man, this is really excellent--I'm surprised there aren't more comments on here. But I've had this nearly since release and enjoy hopping into it a few times a week at least. You really nail the swinging mechanic better than almost anyone, and I would really love to see a release with a much larger area to move about in. I'm sure it's not your main focus or anything, but if you moved into actual game-with-objectives territory, I'd be thrilled. Thanks again for the awesome creation!

would you say the update addressed the issues you raised?