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i cant equip the clothing 

totally needs a fullscreen mode and a rank system like the actual arcade games where you type your initials in

downloaded the zip file but it was empty nothing happend so i couldnt even get it to start :/

maybe make it playable for not only super good pcs and its a computer game let us play it with keyboard,mouse or controller not only controller pls!

camera turns faster when your tpi is higher ;)

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its too much cutscenes and too much talking idk if thats just in the beginning but its annoying i want to walk around in the world and make missions and idk if you already work on it but please make so we can set the controls on the keys that we want them to be ^^

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for a indie game the graphics in the screenshots look great i hope the full game will be really released in april! EDIT: yup chill game for when you just wanna get your mind away and not think too much about game physics and getting killed or some runs very smooth! the base of the game would be dope for a witch ish rpg game with an open world tbh lol