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Jesse Freeman

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Glad to hear! Maybe I'll get a chance to make some more notebooks.

Really great asset pack, I love the style!

The PC version is pay what you want so you can help yourself to a free copy if you want. The only thing about itch to keep in mind is that you need to pay at least 50 cents to get notifications on updates when I make them here. My plan is to resume development on the game next month. Been waiting on new art for the next set of islands.

Thanks for the support! If the icon to attack was on the far right hand side I noticed that bug today and fixed it. Now when you miss it also resets the icon locations so you can't just cheat and keep hitting attack when the monsters don't attack back or combat locks up like that.

I just uploaded a new build from today's Twitch stream so make sure you play with v1.1.0.

I have some big plans for the game over the next few releases. I'll be adding more islands, characters, monsters as well as an achivement system to unlock these new additoins. Do you have somethine else you want to see? Just let me know by adding a comment to this thread!

Looking for feedback on any bugs you see. Right now the major one I have is that controllers trigger an up movemnt that can't be cancled. Please just post anything else you find here and the version number (which you can see in the game's options menu, so I can start fixing them.