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Jess Molloy

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Brilliant idea and well executed, well done! 

Brilliant game. Wonderful art, easy to understand and super addictive! Excited for a physical version... 

Well done, this is a brilliant way of showing what it's like living with "spoon management"... (Also you reminded me to take my medication, so thank you!)

Well done on a brilliant game everyone <3

Wicked idea for a game mechanic, and the random 'you died' messages are pretty funny.

I'm stuck on Level 3 where you need to get up into the small tunnel, but it's super fun (and frustrating but in a good way).

Thanks so much for the lovely feedback!
We'll have a look at the movement and see what we can do to give it a better feel.

Thank you again! :-) 

Hey, are you still looking? / is anyone still looking for team members?

Really good use of sound, click klik klak.
I love that the 'clicking' increases with every skeleton.

Good job!

This is really sweet, well done.
I'm seeing the second screen as an empty city, which really helps the lonely feel.

Good job, and I hope you're doing okay.

This is how we learn, you still did a good job :) 

It's really pretty, but I'm not able to make it past the second virus :-(
Great idea!

Thanks so much, Emma! 😍

Thanks so much! :-)

This is really useful, thank you!

This is adorable, and the visuals are amazing!
Well done :-)

This is super cute. I love that you can interact with everything :-) 


I really liked the way the day 'repeated' but with the door missing, and how you had to notice it yourself.

Great idea :D 

Thanks very much :-) 

Thanks very much :-) 

Perfect, thank you! 

Jam-Pot community · Created a new topic Jam Theme

Do we know what time the theme will be announced for this jam? :-) 

Thanks for playing!

I'll think of that going forward with other projects! 😁 Replayability and speedrunning!

Thank you so, so much! 😁

This is brilliant, it's so entertaining

This is brilliant, well done!

This is adorable, it's like an inspirational children's book! I love it!