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You can download any icons of the page using the browser inspector.

If you press F12 and go to the network tab it will show all the requests that have been made by the page.

If you then reload the page and hover over an item until its stats are visible, the icon requests should start appearing in the network panel like this:

You can double click one of these items to open the url of the icon, which will look something like

You can then save the page to download the image. It is an .svg file so you can scale it up to as high of a resolution as you like.

You can now log in with itch!

Are you also having this problem when playing on ? or only when playing on

Could it be that your disk is full?

If not you might have some luck clearing your browser cookies from

Could you send me a screenshot of the browser console?

Click the arrows to list more tabs:

And then select 'console':

Then the console should look something like this

But I'm guessing in your case there will be a bunch more errors.

Are you able to open developer tools or is that greyed out as well?

You can find it at the three dots -> more tools -> Developer tools

This should be fixed now, let me know if you're still having problems.

Click the three dots in the top right of your browser and then click 'New InPrivate window'

Hmm I'm having a hard time reproducing this. Could you check if you are you having the same issue in a private window?

Hey, what browser and OS are you using?

I think I know what's causing it, I'll try to fix it. Are you able to update to iOS 15? Because that would fix it also.

Hmm I'd have to get a screenshot of your browser console somehow, but that is notoriously difficult on iPad, so we'll leave that as a last resort.

What version of iOS are you using?

Could you check if it works in a private window?

Are you still having this issue? Everything seems fine on my end so I'm having a hard time figuring out how to fix it.

You can change the behaviour of the bow in settings. We wanted to try this for a bit but I think we'll only enable this by default for mobile devices.

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Hey, in Chrome you can visit and click the install button at the top right (  ). That will install the game as an application on your computer.

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If you play on directly this should't be an issue, but it seems like you're playing on, which does have this issue because it embeds games just like other game portals. If you're using Chrome and you see this icon in the top right:  third party cookies are disabled and so the progress won't save. By default Chrome only has this happening in incognito, so if you haven't changed your preferences this shouldn't be an issue (until they change it in 2022).

On Firefox third party cookies are always disabled by default I believe. So it only saves when you play on directly.

On Safari things are a bit weird, I think safari tends to delete stuff after a while whether you want it or not.

Thanks! The messages do stop at some point but it is really difficult to reach it :)

you beat me 😳

Best game ever

Thank you for this lovely game!

The only thing I could find was that the camera movement wasn't very smooth. It seems like the camera position changes every time someone sets a new footstep, rather smoothly moving towards them. Other than that it was a very neat little game :)