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I got to 1.4x, but at that point you need to start using 2 fingers (still possible with one finger, but really really hard)

Autoplay actually loses when you get to "the windup (4.999998x)

same here

This is a totally flawless game with totally no problems or bugs!

oh no, i did the thing.

i just realized, you continue to grow at the end screen.

one minute you're a quark, the next, you've devoured the universe.

i love this concept!

now chilling with max coins

chilling outside the map of the end screen

lol same that's what i do everytime... except for the fact that i try to help everyone... i shoot everyone until there's no one left and only survive 2 days.

i wonder what happens if i kill everyone...

Finally sub 6!!!

just got a time i'm gonna submit to :o

6 mins!!! 

YES!!! sub 10!!!

owch hewp i stucc

my lowest is now 10 min 18 sec, 900 millisec


actually no, you were right!!! i could reach for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol, that's pretty helpful.

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arf. (this is great. i lik nuking).

urghhhh, the last level of the last sword is so hard. i can't reach for it!

i don't know what you do once you get past the first fire...