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This looks fun, but...I cannot tell for certain how to play.  Can we get a small text explanation somewhere?

Make that two.  That red mage looks...strangely familiar..!

This is some good art. Do you think you could release this as a simple tile map?

I don't know if I've said it to you yet, but...It's *awesome* that you're sharing so much. 

All your streamlined battler sprites are going to be put to use in so many games. :)  Thank you *so* much.

OH!  I have never used RPGMaker, ever. :D  I was unaware that it didn't support alpha channel on graphics..!

The screenshot is indeed from the 8-bit versions. I will just be using the higher res then...5 stars, largely from your responsiveness!

So, I did extract using 7zip...

I am not sure if I am seeing what you made, though.

None of the files have a transparent (alpha) background, and all the colors seem wrong.

I have attached a screenshot of my file manager so you can see several of the files at once. (They all look like their previews when opened.)

I know you're being gracious to donate these in the first place, so I hate to ask you to re-upload these. But...I definitely want to use them.  :) The 8-bit ones in particular. They all look so well-done..! It's just that something went weird in extraction.

Ah! Thank you I will try that.
(Crazy that they'd whitelist .exe but not ,7z!)

The .exe extension makes me a little nervous. I'm sure I am not alone in this.

Why not just upload a regular 7zip archive, or just the sheets themselves?

I do not think that my implementation of most character controllers is "correct."

Could you please provide a 'playable' example in this project, so we can see how it works?

Maybe with something that lets you change some of the more important variables live?

I like your little guy.  Can you give us some more frames of this guy, hopefully wobbling as he goes? :)

His shininess is fun. I think I see a skybox reflected there.

Well this guy is cute!  Looking forward to more from you!

Very nice!  

More animations would, of course, be amazing. :)

As usual, a great pixel effect.  You make good stuff!

I also just realized I have forgotten to rate your stuff, so I will now go rate all those (very nice and generously given) VFX now. :)

They are all quite cute and have that good retro feel. (I particularly like the magma slime, I think it is, on the far right.) 

Try your hand at animating! 

Heh!  I just assumed people that skilled / talented already knew it.  :) Well, rest assured, I am probably not the only one who feels this way.  Just the first to say it on this file!

(1 edit)

This is some top-notch pixel art right here.

I could play a game with this hero all day and still think he looked good.  Those are some smooth animations.  I think I can see how you did this, and it's brilliant.  You should keep this up; this style is beautiful.

I can guarantee you this guy will see some use.  

For anyone wondering about ease of use: This sprite is perfect.  64x64, and already centered  horizontally with all animations.  (SO many people pack their sprites with differently-sized frames, or have them move around the frame.) No extra work is required for this guy.

I really like this!  I hope you add some animations to her.  I will probably use her myself, regardless!

Those transformations are why I buy your work. :)

I really like the little fly-bot.  He's probably my favorite of everything you've made.

5* if only for the explanation for how to install.  But it's great and it's what I am using.

Amazing, as per usual for you, Robocelot. :)

Everything you make gets an unhesitating 5*.  Nice work. Looking forward to showing you what I do with these guys!

This looks pretty cool, but I seem unable to download anything from this collection. 

I really like the border & labels you've used in this description, too!

Very nice!  Here's hoping for more animations! :)

These are super nice lookin' bots.  

If you felt like foraying into animation, these guys would be prime candidates! :)

Oh yes, this guy is definitely good.

There is a *lot* of detail in this little guy, and I must say I'm looking forward to new animations of him.  

He definitely needs an "attack" animation.  

You really should be proud of him.

A sprite sheet is usually the way I see people make these, but I use to convert, so it's no problem for me.

All spoilers:

In no particular order, these are the 4 endings:

  1. Touch the mirror to transform.  Call Linda. Transform back. Leave the attic.
  2. Touch the mirror to transform.  Call Linda.  Leave the attic.
  3. Touch the mirror to transform. Get the hammer. Use the hammer on the mirror (drag the hammer).
  4. Get the hammer. Use the hammer on the mirror.

Very nice!

A block or victory/cheer animation might be good, too.

Here's hoping for more characters!  A whole gaggle of 'ordinary people' might be cool --- chefs, teachers, nurses, road workers.... I think that'd be fun. :)  But it's your art, man.  Be inspired, sure, but keep doing your thing your way; it's good stuff!

Your animations are always so smooth.  Nicely done, 5/5 stars.

This thing looks hilarious.

What animations does it have?  I would need to turn it into some 2D spritesheets for my game, but this thing looks like it would fit in nicely. :)

This guy is fun and beautifully animated.  He will be in my game. :)  Hopefully, if the game succeeds, more of your stuff can make its way into the same game as an update. :)

Great work! 

Very nice to see a 4d character that isn't just an HFlip. :)  Are there any other animations for your template, I hope?  This looks great as-is, and I am sure I can use it, I just think it would be even more fun if he could do more.

That little guy is definitely cute.  He should have more animations!  (Including, of course, drinking a certain beverage.)

Thank you!!

I cannot download the asset--- when I click "Download Now" it opens this same page in a new tab.

Alas, the hotspots are not lined up for me!  It took me 5 minutes to click on the first words ("stop drawing..." because it was so fiddly. (I had to click much lower than the words themselves; I thought maybe I was supposed to trace the words out or something)

Playing on Firefox 83.0 64 bit on Ubuntu Linux.

Gonna watch the YouTube video of it. :)  Looks nice from what I saw though! :)