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I would personally really like it if you made full buildings, but with "elements" that could be added or removed, to indicate the "upgrade level" of a building.

Feels like such a task would be squarely in your wheelhouse!

As a side note, I think it would be good for a lot of these 'pixel' resources to also provide the hi-res original.

This is some top notch 2D terrain. I was going to write a glowing review, but I think anyone with eyes can see what you did there with the stairs and the raised platform in that first image. If that doesn't sell them, then I don't know what would. 

5* work right here.

5*, as per usual. Your free assets are great.

I hit the "report" button every time I see junk like this. I think the more people who do that, the more that itch will try to screen for this sort of nonsense.

This is...more AI-generated junk.

At least admit what you've done instead of ALSO having an AI write your description.

Welcome to the world of AI-generated junk!  It won't be curated by the poster, but it WILL get a tremendously self-aggrandizing description that does not remotely match the content therein!

Take your game to the next level by REPORTING THIS SORT OF AI CRAP whenever you see it!

Yeah, having a ton of frames is super useful when you want to make certain parts of the animation match a sound effect, or seem faster. 

The demo version has "no outline" in all the file names; is there an outline version? (It might be good to have those in the demo, too, for comparison.)

In any case, this is clearly a 5* asset.  Those animations are top-notch smooth; there are so many frames in there that if someone feels like adjusting certain animations, they can do some drop frames pretty much anywhere to create all sorts of dramatic effects. And that file size is pretty tight.

Good work!

To be fair, there might have been someone on that Glasgow team who actually cared before they ran out of funding.

This guy clearly never cared any more than to just go to Midjourney or whatever and say "give me some game assets I guess," and then post it.

Please stop posting AI-made garbage without even trying to curate it.

Alas, you even copy/paste your responses to my comments.  Like an AI.

And yet, you are indistinguishable from one.

Then stop making AI-made posts.

More stolen or AI-generated stuff.

OMG the watermark is still visible in your example picture.

Free single picture from!

No-effort AI junk, as is usual for this account.

As usual, this guy only posts low-to-no-quality AI stuff. 

What's hilarious about this post:

He even left the watermark in one of the examples.

This is garbage, and this whole account should be banned.

I recognize a significant number of these sounds. Anyone who has spent time listening to sound effects for very long will probably also recognize this. 

This is not this guy's original work.  I suspect the music is either generated or stolen, based on everything else this guy (bot?) has done.

There needs to be some kind of flagging system for review. Until that time, I'll just post a comment whenever this account makes a post. (Notice I didn't say "person" because I still think that a pure bot could do everything this account has done so far.)

Howdy, AI-guy. (Or, possibly, just a literal bot.)  If you are in fact a human, please at least attempt to curate your AI-generated content.

As it stands, everything about this post is offensive to the community.

Most will ignore it, but what you are doing is one of the exact things that this community needs to protect against:

Low-to-no-effort AI-generated nonsense that junks up the library of and serves only to drown out the actual artists who contribute to this community.

Well, obviously, this deserves 5*.

And as a *free* resource, wow.

There are a lot of options here, and the way you make all the clothing completely separate sheets, it's easy to just combine these things however we want, no matter what pixel editor I'm using.

Good work, Gandalf the Hardcore. Radagast the Chill would be proud.

Your content absolutely is. And it's not well done. That's the big problem.

Hello, AI.

Even your text is AI.

Hello, AI.

Well it does look like you are using AI properly; curation is key! :)

Because you are doing a pretty good job on this, I would ask for / suggest a particular direction for you to try your hand:

Might you make several buildings in different states of development? (Like, a building a 1* would be different from a building at 7*, but it would look like a 'better' version of itself at that point.)

I think there's a big need for that sort of thing in the game dev community, and it is the sort of thing that I believe would garner a significant amount of attention.

Are these AI-generated?

Additionally, have you considered converting the images into .png format?

Hey, I will be using a few of your free resources in my game, and I'd like to credit you.

I intend to link back to your creator page, unless you prefer some other landing page (linktree, twitch, &c). 

I was also wondering if you had a logo or picture for yourself that I could add to the link, so people could recognize you more easily.  (So if someone wanted to search for you more generally, they would feel secure about their results for XYEzawr --- not that there are a ton of results out there that AREN'T you, but I thought I'd ask anyway.)

Keep up the good work!

I had the same problem as Ashee. 

Although mildly annoyed, you definitely deserve a lot more than what I pay for your'mma buy it again. XD

Well I must say this prototype is a win.

It feels fun, smooth, and it's visually appealing. If there was a game that used this, I would definitely enjoy playing it.

Oh man! That's awesome.  I thought I recognized it.  Seriously, it's great work!  There's no shame in using references.  

Great stuff as always.

Did you perchance use the game "King of Dragons" as a reference? :D  I love your art style, it just looks like the same posture for the lizard man!

It goes without saying, "It's an enGVee resource; it gets 5*."

I would add a sixth star if I could because of the inclusion of the beat-em-up projection; my project is using this exact perspective, and I am glad to see it here.

I hope my games live up to the awesomeness of your art!

This is amazing.

There is a tremendous need for this sort of resource, and you are filling that niche in a good way.

I really hope you make a few more collections of this kind, because "buildings in different stages of upgrade" is not a thing I've been able to find anywhere, and these look *great.*

I've bookmarked your normal website and have just decided that it is the first spot I need to go when I need Icons.  (Those keys!!)

Top ratings deserved; 5/5.

Wait, you *can't* use them?  Do explain!  Perhaps there is a new legal development of which I am not aware; I have been isolated for a bit.

So, this looks like it's AI art.

They don't look bad, though, so let me give a suggestion on how to do this:

If you're going to use an AI art engine to make stuff, please submit a LOT of it, like DreamingOfLight does.  Curate the work, by making sure that the angle in the isometric is identical on all the buildings, and that the footprint / size of the sprite matches as well.  And label it (like, "the 120 degree pack).

I don't mind AI art when it's used as the tool it is intended to be.  So...I wish you well on your artistic journey.

These look like they're done by an AI art engine.  They're pretty, don't get me wrong.  But...AI-made.

Pixel buildings!  They're just great.  I'd love a ton of 'em.  You bring good stuff here.

More of this sort of thing, please!  5*

Well, since you asked...

I would like to see fantasy buildings with a *clear purpose* that are very distinct from each other.

So many assets, I see what would allow for a very nice generic village. And that's great. But I have enough of those.

What I want are buildings that do not look like a regular house; I want something with, like, floating orbs or a line of archery targets. Something that makes the building niche.

*THIS* is how AI-assisted content should be done! :)

Your stuff is always great, and you never try to claim your stuff is something other than what it is. 

Keep up the good work!!