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Any physical left?

Fucking solid. Needs a final editing pass, but nothing that confused me. Love all the tables, liked the references to other works right in the text. This is another great update to the full pdf. Can't wait for the hardback or to finally get this to the table. 

Up now, on its way!

Yes, yes, yes. Out of stock? O noes!

np, thanks for the free grub!

The instructions dont mention a cut, we need to cut to seperate the pages right?

I like the bookelet style sheet.


I got the trilogy from exalted funeral, the pdfs arent updated for 1e there. Is there a conversion errata somewhere i could print out and stuff in the box i keep these in?

If i buy on etsy do i get a pdf?

Gunslingers don't miss, what was the thinking behind including it? Adding an attack roll back to ItO seems counter to its intent.  I do like the idea as a result of a broken order or even for a harrier.

Just wanted your opinion before I tea apart your system. 🤣🤣

this still happening?

but how do you play the game? how do you beat 255?

Right? My players were impressed.

(1 edit)

ChatGPT just wrote my Keynote!!

  • Introduction of Ultra-Vaxx: a groundbreaking new vaccine developed by the Ouroboros Team
  • Ultra-Vaxx is designed to provide superior protection against a wide range of infectious diseases
  • Volunteer positions are available for testing the safety and efficacy of Ultra-Vaxx
  • Testing will be conducted in a controlled environment with close medical supervision
  • Volunteers will be compensated for their time and effort
  • The Ouroboros Team has a proven track record of success in vaccine development
  • Ultra-Vaxx is expected to be a game-changer in the fight against infectious diseases
  • The keynote speaker also discussed the next evolution in employment: Employee 467
  • Employee 467 is a fully autonomous AI-powered worker
  • Employee 467 is designed to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing labor costs
  • Employee 467 can perform a wide range of tasks with speed and precision
  • The keynote speaker acknowledged that the introduction of Employee 467 may lead to job displacement, but stressed that Nisei Pharmaceuticals is committed to helping its employees adapt to the changing employment landscape.

that bold part it perfect!!!

Will factions get actions in between session, a faction turn?


I grabbed the physical from your webstore, does it come with a pdf?

God dammit, i cant belived i missed this for almost a month. Heard it meantioned on a recent wobblies and wizards.

This is pretty great.


Yea, i forgot to dig out my silent titans 4x6 cards. Rules on ione side character sheet on the other!

Went through this on my podcast today.

I think I gushed a little bit on my podcast about this, hehe. Great stuff and can't wait for the kickstarter hardback at the end of the year. wink, wink!

Hoping to see the rest soon!

Sweet, pre-ordered yesterday!

Does the print pre-order get me a pdf now?