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The embodiment of everything that's wrong with the indie gaming community

I really wish you could die to the cars. Would be 10/10

It was...somethin'

Ponies, huh?

This was a simple game, but managed to be alright considering that it had similar mechanics to fnaf

Thank you!

Such a goofy experience and I loved it! 

Super unique horror game that sent chills down my spine! 

One of three games featured! Hilarious game I loved it! lol

One of the games featured in the video! Super funny game I got some great laughs out of it lol

One of the three games featured in this video! I loved the game!

I disagreed with the game and how it describes handling emotions. If you want to talk about it with me, leave a comment on YouTube and we can have a productive discussion. All I ask is that you watch the whole video before you leave a hate comment about how inconsiderate I am or something like that. Depression is a serious matter in which people should get help. On a positive note, the dev did a great job on visually portraying emotions and the thoughts were well-rounded.    

The pacing is good, and the spooks were on point, the setting was good, and the graphics were nice. But frankly, the ending sucked. The game had a lot going for itself, but couldn't deliver. I gave it a play, feel free to check it out! 

This game is so addicting and I had a lot of fun recording it. Check it out if you're interested!