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Thanks for letting me know about that bug. I fixed it and uploaded the new build.

Fair criticisms! I definitely wanted each room to be more distinct and detailed but just ran out of time.

Thanks! The game was put together in Game Maker. I built the models using Model Creator and made textures in GIMP. No shaders or anything fancy used.

Thanks for playing and sharing your feedback, I appreciate it!

Please do! Have fun!

Hey, thanks!

Hangman Jam community · Created a new topic PHANTASM

Hi all, looks like I was first to submit. I created my entire game, PHANTASM, today as I'm currently stuck at home waiting for the results of a COVID test. Since I can't actually play it with anyone, I'm not totally sure how it turned out but, if you play it, I'd love to hear what you think! It ended straying very far from Hangman but I had a lot of fun working on it.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to know it actually scared someone! I knew I was on to something when it scared me. Definitely some things I would improve given more time. I've been working on fixing the memory leak error and will upload a new build that should fix the error. I just beat the game twice without it crashing in the new build.

Really cool game that subverts expectations in interesting ways. If you only played the first few minutes you would walk away thinking it was a simple but competently made Twine game and miss out on what the game really has to offer. To not spoil things, I will just say that this game had me questioning both myself and the game itself. A lot is left up to interpretation and the game gave me a real feeling of unease. This ability to transfer a specific feeling onto the player is no small task and something that media often fails at. Overall, I highly recommend this game.