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To update on this, I ran through it again and got pretty far, probably pretty close to the end, but after I restored power to the radio tower from the underground tunnel I found myself stuck down there with no visible way to progress. I'm pretty sure it was bugged but I can't be certain. Anyways I had a great time with this overall, wish I could have beaten the game properly tho.

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the game quite a lot. I had an issue in the first mansion tho where I couldn't find the 6th item for the life of me. Tried dying and restarting it multiple times and every time could only find 5 items. Gonna give it another go tonight and see if I can make more progress! Only other thing I could say is that the barriers in some areas are kinda annoying but I can understand why they exist I guess. Overall I had a great time with it and I'm hoping to complete it tonight

Yeah I have to say the installation for this game was a bit weird. It was a decent demo though, the story is there but the gameplay makes it fall flat. I'll be checking this out again in the future if its updated :)

I played this a couple days back and really enjoyed it! It was a lot longer than I expected it to be and I wasn't able to finish it, but I'll probably revisit it in the future.

I played this a few days back, it was pretty challenging and I didn't realize you could open cabinets and drawers until after I stopped recording. I should have read the page better lol. Overall it was pretty good for what it was.

I played your game the other day in a 3 horror games video. I got busy and wasn't able to post it here but I'm back today lol. There wasn't much in the demo so I can't say that much but I enjoyed what there was, and maybe I missed some things? Anyways, definitely gonna have to pick this up on Steam. I'll do a full playthrough when I'm able to.

I played this in a 3 horror games video the other day and I really enjoyed it! My only gripe is I wish it was procedurally generated, I feel like that would have made it more challenging. But overall it was great! Sorry my mic audio is pretty quiet in the video, I didn't account for how loud the game was gonna be and my mic audio and game audio record together lol.

I played through the demo of your game in a 3 horror games video. It was alright, I'd recommend maybe straying away from the Jeff the Killer storyline and coming up with your own thing. I love the name "Death by Sleep" I feel like you could come up with something cooler to tie into that name than just another Jeff the Killer fangame lol. Also, please spell check your game. Even if you have someone else proofread everything, there were A LOT of typos. Just a suggestion :)

I agree with the comment below. A restart option would be great. Overall the game was verrrry effective in its atmosphere and I was thoroughly creeped out throughout the entire experience. I'm looking forward to the full version!

I played your game in part of a 3 horror games video and I was genuinely impressed. I'm not really too big on Resident Evil style games generally, but you nailed it. I'm looking forward to a full version in the future!

Hey I played your game in part of a 3 horror games video. It was decent, the models could use some work for sure, but the biggest problem I had was there wasn't an english version so I didn't really understand what I was supposed to be doing lol.

Hey I played your game in part of a 3 horror games video. I played the first version you posted originally but I took down the video so I took another go at it in the updated version. I liked the changes and I'm looking forward to future updates :)

I know I was supposed to press E. There were a bunch of times were it told me to press E to hide near beds and tables as well, and it never actually let me hide. I don't know if this is just a bug and you aren't meant to hide in those places, but it was very confusing.

Hey man no need to apologize! I understand my criticism may have come off as harsh, I kind of took back what I said right after I said it in the video. I totally understand you're just getting used to the engine, I could tell. It's all good. I had a good time playing honestly, there's a LOT of games I play off of here that are just buggy as all hell, but your game was very polished and well done. The models just kind of took the effect away for me and made it feel very cheesy, but overall it was a job well done. I'll definitely play any games you release in the future :)

I really love the atmosphere and general vibe of this game. I had a lot of fun playing it, although it was quite frustrating and I couldn't make any progress lol.

I played your game in part of a 3 horror games video. It was decent overall, I didn't find any bugs so that was a plus. I give most of my criticisms in the video. Keep up the good work though, it's clear you could make a great horror game if given the time. This just felt very gimmicky to me.

I played your game in part of a 3 horror games video. It had a cool concept, but it kinda fell short by how unfinished and frustrating the game felt. Hopefully in the future it can improve! I'll definitely play it again if it gets updated :)

I played your game in a 3 random horror games video I did. I really like what you have so far, I'm really excited to play the full game!