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Jeremy X Universe (JX Universe)

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wow, the game looks so good from the last time I had time to see it in mid-2020. As a racing fanatic more than a Cyberpunk fan, I’m verp happy to see you add on to the small variety of the racing genre, Fubenalvo!

oops, nevermind, i found one, thank you

I don't know if any of the devs are still watching over this page, but Can I get a alpha channel/transparent .Png of the Ley Lines logo? if it's not asking too much?

This is the only news today that's more awesome than the fact that a new Paper Mario was announced and GTA V is currently free on Epic Games Store


I just finished playing, and I'm already having more fun than Mario & Rabbids. This is what Ubisoft should have tried. XD It's not like Ubisoft hasn't made shooters before!

Great Plan!


it feels like only a week ago, i was commenting about how i wouldn't care if NeonCode 2 was just the NeonCode 1 Map expanded on, and now here we are! How exciting!

Thank god i'm not the only one who underestimated the holidays.

I swear, time seems to move faster and faster every year.

yeah yeah what the other comments say

don't feel like you're being pushed to get this game out, please take your time 

nothing good ever comes out of a rushed product, as Stadia and WWE2K20 are showing us right now XD