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Fun game, but: First, it is hard to figure out a specific place to use the stool, especially since most point and click games would solve this in such a way that you are supposed to use the stool on the object you want to acquire with it. Second, I stuck with clock puzzle, I don’t know where to find what hour it should be set too. Third, makes me sad that the heroine thinks she looks terrible, to me, she looks cute.

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why no linux version :( ? I could test it linux version of it :)

Thanks, if you have more questions or need help join my discord: Now I’m working fixing bugs and new features for next release - probably in this month.

Now it fixed in new release :D Rakugo 3.1.1

It should work, there is every thing fine with Rakugo it self, probably there is some error in the question it self. I will check it.

Way godot works it makes that first time it load Rakugo plugin it load it in bad way. So try reopen project. I will look it to that, but it should works. Do you have any error messages ?

Just tell what is your game about on game page. For example game genre and short version of intro to game story.

I think if that if you write what this game is about more people will interested in donate/check out the project.

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I answered in issues:

I just realized that I forgot to add music to The Question XD