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Probably one of the best game I've ever played

Thanks <3

I cannot launch the game on MacOS

On the upper right (the lower right have some sort of exit as well but it does not lead anywhere, I got confused for a moment too)

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Thank you for your reply ! I hope you will get a great rank !
May I ask what plugin did you used for the combat system, the 1v1 with both hp displayed (I assume the rebirth is event made). And also where did you find the animated pixeled art style for the RTPs ? Looks awesome !

Just finished the game in about 40 minutes.

It was very fun ! Thank you for making it !

Some criticism that I would make is about the difficulty curve, At the beginning I find it a little hard as a Chicken to get something more powerful, as I did not want to change into a Slime of a Bat because I find them weaker than the Chicken. Maybe I should have gone for the Spider, but I directly tried on the Gobelin, and with enough Potion bought at the Armory, I managed to pass the fight. The rest was really easy, probably because I equipped full Mithril stuff, and would feel like a downgrade when I changed myself in some monster in the Forest that does not have the ability to equip items. An easy fix would be to remove all together the possibility to have access to the armory, but I guess you have just made that so the players who are struggling a little could have an easier time.
But the rest of the fights, even without equiping Mithril stuff, are far too unbalanced, I killed the Swordman as a Werewolf without the possibility to rebirth, and then change into a Mage. After that you have way too much stamina to even have to think about a strategy and I just used Flame III all the way to kill the Girlfriend and then Ice III to kill the hero while he was just "Waiting and see".

However the game is great, I love the graphics, the humorus dialogue with the minion, and the overall concept is very nice. If you do plan on updating the game, you could add some interaction with the decor !