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in case it wasn't clear what the objective is for this Game jam i'm here to give a quick re-cap as well as some advice on how to approach this Game jam

in short this game jam is about video game characters (your OC's are also valid) somehow escaping the world the creator (thus you) made and what would happen in that situation. To save some sanity it's basicly making a game within a game, let's call the game "our game'' and the game within the game ''their game'' so the characters of 'their game' escape their game and enter 'our game' and what would happen after that.

recap rules

any genre is fair game, from platformer to point and click to even horror.

it needs an element of meta (awareness of the current situation in as many ways as possible)

the reason for the characters escaping 'their world' needs to be unique (it's cliché when a portal appeared out of nowhere.  be more creative)

words of advice

personal stories can help bring more power in certain situations like think to yourself: why is this character in this world and how does it affect me?

you can add yourself in the game, in most situations you'll take the role of creator but you can work around that if needed

don't rush your project, a polished game uploaded near the end of the Game Jam will most times win over games that were rushed and uploaded as soon as possible. you have plenty of time to work on your project so use that time effectively.

good luck to all contestants and i hope this thread helped out clear up some questions

follow-up Q&A if people have questions and if you want to ask me something, let me know.

From your fellow Streamer/Gamer Jerboe

P.S. i hope one or more games in this Game Jam get featured in social media, that would not only do me a favour but also gives the creator his own time in the spot light.