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Hello! I've completed 4 loops now and received the 4 sentences in the file explorer, but I just wanted to know if there was anything else afterwards and if so what it is since it's starting to get a bit repetitive for me to continue after 4 loops. 

I really enjoyed the game and I love the art style! <3

No worries at all, thank you so much for the reply! I've recently been playing the Steam version and I'm enjoying it so much! You've done an amazing job with the writing, art, combat, and everything else! :)

I keep coming across the error I've attached here whenever the first boss fight ends and it fades to a different screen, which unfortunately makes it so I'm unable to progress. I'm really loving the game so far and would love to continue it! 

No problem! Looking forward to your future works!

Very fun game! The noise the doll heads make when I turn on my flashlight probably scared me the most :'D 

I did end up finding one bug that happens when you're outside the building with the black car and the red roof. If you walk to the sides of the house and towards the roof, you end up walking onto the roof. Luckily it isn't a softlock, but just figured I'd let you know! I've attached a picture for reference!

No problem at all, really hoping your work gets more recognition since it definitely deserves it! Looking forward to what you end up making in the future! :)

This was so much fun! The character designs and environment are amazing! I love the platforming segments, although the character sliding when landing on a platform caught me a bit off guard. The boss fights were excellent; not too easy but not too challenging! I loved the mechanic of using the gun to hit targets to move platforms, especially the part where you need to step on the platform to make the target visible. I'd love to see a fully fleshed out version of this, great work!

I went into the game and was mesmerized by the cuteness and wholesomeness within. Going a bit further in the story, I started figuring out what was going on and it hit home severely hard. The deeper meaning behind the pot, and feeling like it's meaningless to do anything else without any hopes and without the person to give you those hopes; I feel like that is something a lot of people can relate to; including me. Thank you so much for making this game, the encouraging words from Froggy at the end made me tear up; especially the lil bit about the pebble! I wish you all of the best, and looking forward to what else you make!

Ah, okay! My bad, for some reason the game didn't show up in my browser last time, but now it does! Thank you so much, and looking forward to playing it!

Hello! The game looks absolutely amazing, I love the wholesome aesthetic. I downloaded the game, but I can't find the application to run the game, unfortunately. :( I would appreciate any help since I'd really love to play it!

Ah okay, no worries! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any content, haha! Looking forward to your future games! :)

Cute and short game! I managed to get all 4 endings, but am unsure about how to reveal the secret. Is it possible, or is it just put there as a gag? If it is possible, I'd love a hint!

Really fun game! Any secrets with JQRZN? It seems important :O

How do you catch the box???

Ohhh I see, that's really cool! Thank you for explaining!

I did and saw the creature say something along the lines of "GET OUT/THIS ISN'T YOUR ROOM"! Was that just an easter egg or is there something deeper? :O

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Haha so did I! Hopefully the creator can verify if there's more than meets the eye!

Would love to know if it's just a fun extra, or actual secret lore! 

I enjoyed that epic experience

Too laggy to be able to play properly, unfortunately. Could you possibly provide a download link?

Really hope to see this expanded upon, the gameplay is super fun and the character designs are so cool!

I was only able to get to 98%, how do I get to 100? I wasn't sure what to do with the blue cable.

How did you get the other one?

So I played through both endings, and I'm still confused by the plot. I'm really intrigued though, so could you explain to me what happened? Art and music is great!

A very cute short and inspiring game, playing it made me smile. :)

No need to apologize at all, I'm happy to help! No problem! <3

Great message, when life gets you down you can always start anew. <3

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Unfortunately due to it freezing after the 2nd question of the interrogation, I couldn't finish it. But it was a fun playthrough nonetheless!

What a beautiful story. I feel as though the "ocean" is someone who always gives, but never receives help when it comes to friendship until the main character came along, and in the end they helped each other through whatever they were going through. That's just my perspective though, I'm sure there's many others for everyone. Masterpiece! <3

Such a cute game! Here's the outfit I've made, I'd love to see others share theirs!

I only have one word to describe this experience: Hodor.

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Drop it in the mac n' cheese in the cafeteria!

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You'll need to put the toy in the mac n' cheese first so that the batteries fall into it, if you've already done that though then I'm not sure. Best of luck!

Forgotten Fun!

What a nice twist! I love the Danganronpa vibes it had to it, and it was a really fun experience! 

What a beautiful story, and beautiful drawings to go alongside it. Such a wonderful experience!

Awesome, just finished it! Looking forward to your future works! <3

Looking forward to it! Please hit me up with a reply once it's updated, I'd love to get that other ending.   。^‿^。

Is that when (spoilers):

You decide to trust/not trust him on explaining himself in the office? Because I chose both options and both lead me to the same ending.

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Loved the game! The dialogue was written excellently, and so were the characters! Would I be able to get any help though on the other ending? The one I got was (spoiler):

The one where he gets recruited by E.G.O.

I can't seem to figure out how to get to the other part of the game, any help would be much appreciated!