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Played it after noticing it from your Twitch stream conversation :-D  Fun.  Might need a new mouse tho so much clicking haha.

I tried it!  Fun :-D  Played it on *the* monitor!  Thanks for the delight.  Fun figuring out what to do and loved the floating octopus physics :-D The music was really cute too.

I think it's adorable & the music fits the gameplay - loved the sfx on the characters & the custom art styles! :-D 

Entertaining dialog, art & music - not bad for being made in just 2 days! 

Very fun & entertaining! Loved the mature language and music. Did a live let's play, here it is :)

This literally had me laughing out loud from the title page, on. I appreciate your humor and diligence in finishing your 1st game, especially under a jam deadline. Great work! Here's my let's play:

Downloading it and about to try it on my Samsung Galaxy S7 :)

Tried it out - congrats on finishing something for LD #37!

I played it - fun & cute! Congrats on finishing something for LD #37!

No prob - I'll check back next week about that .zip and/or try playing it on the widescreen next chance :-)

Hi friends I wanted to play but the screen size is too big for my laptop & the download link isn't a .zip, but rather 30 folders I have to download in order to play the .exe. <3