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Very cute idea + congrats!

Nice !

Clever chainsaw mechanics!! Love the art !

I loved it :-D So mysterious and plenty of room to explore without getting lost too long. The music suited the game well too :-) Thx for the fun game!

Super cute :-D Loved the physics, sfx & the character adorable !

That was fun! :-D Love the friendship theme <3

Oh cool - new update ! Looks good!

lol very clever. So many relatable situations, dealing with trolls like this. Love that u made it topical too. 

Don't forget to take breaks when the trolls are too much 🤣

Simple and fun! You're really good at making games fast!!!

I'll try the update thanks :-D And who hasn't lost count at this point <3 Keep em comin.

Cute as heck !!! The endearing slug animations and the dance floor simple and fun. With music featuring a little Gunnar Olsen nice.

Love the game art and pinball vibe. The music is so punishing I had to mute it eventually because it takes me a while to get through. I'm appreciating seeing your posts about the game and seeing it come to fruition. You've been at it for a long time & that's admirable! I hope to see it showcased at some festivals and stuff - you deserve it for all the hard work you've been putting into it.  :-) 

Really nice music & cool concept! The art is fun - pretty excited to see how all the different endings will work out :-D 

I played through to the end of the 1st level :-D Loved checking it out after seeing the development live on Twitch. Great work with the path-finding, art, lighting, and well the music inspired me to do what the title says: Escape! :-D 

I had a blast checking out this game.  Thanks for letting me & Shade voice act for the ship - made my day! :-D <3 Will love to help in any way, for future projects as well.

Clever humor - super cool art & fun voice acting / music to boot. Great job for an LD game :-) 

From the screenshots I thought this was a roll-a-ball game, but found it quite clever & cute take on a casual puzzle-game.  Simple, relaxing and fun explosions and custom sound fx.  Kind of gross sfx at times lol, death-themed, but fitting.  Looks like something that would be fun to play on mobile too, while getting sleepy and laying in bed playing. Much success to the dev & future projects as well!  

Just played it :-D Is this... the only ending? Great job for an LD entry, clearly created by those with experience!  Love the FPS aesthetics & must have been so much to make.. the pixel characters + Probuilder level design + chill color scheme, all things that stood out to me :-)

I think it's adorable & the music fits the gameplay - loved the sfx on the characters & the custom art styles! :-D 

Entertaining dialog, art & music - not bad for being made in just 2 days! 

Very fun & entertaining! Loved the mature language and music. Did a live let's play, here it is :)

This literally had me laughing out loud from the title page, on. I appreciate your humor and diligence in finishing your 1st game, especially under a jam deadline. Great work! Here's my let's play:

Downloading it and about to try it on my Samsung Galaxy S7 :)

Tried it out - congrats on finishing something for LD #37!

I played it - fun & cute! Congrats on finishing something for LD #37!

No prob - I'll check back next week about that .zip and/or try playing it on the widescreen next chance :-)

Hi friends I wanted to play but the screen size is too big for my laptop & the download link isn't a .zip, but rather 30 folders I have to download in order to play the .exe. <3