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I've developed or participated in a lot of games that were under a CC Share-alike or similar license.

I'm collecting them all at a Github repository:

So far, there's sprites, music, sound effects, and backgrounds. I'll be adding more during the duration of the Dream On Contest.

Feel free to use anything else I've created at as well. 

Also, if you'd like me to create anything specific (sprites, backgrounds, music, sound) for your project, I'm also going to be doing that this year to hopefully ease the difficulty curve of entering. E-mail me at if you'd like me to make something for you. 

If anyone else has any assets they'd like to allow people to use for this contest, feel free to share it in this thread as well. :)

A lot is going on in the community game front. The skeleton engine is live at We have a basic storyline set out, which you can see at the Game Design page on the project wiki.

I've uploaded a WIP walking animation for the player character of the game, Lemming Woman, which you can see on the assets respository on github.

There's still a lot to be done yet, so if you want to help out, feel free to comment on any issue you're interested in on the issue tracker. :)

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Everyone's free to create their own game on their own, but we'll be having a larger community game developed while the Double Fine forums are down as well.

I'm working on a skeleton engine now. Cheese is going to be enabling the github branch tomorrow, and hopefully I'll have a dummy game up and running so we can plug things into it as it's needed.

Cheese gave the brilliant idea of using this discussion page to throw around ideas for what is needed, that way we can use it even when the Double Fine forums go down tomorrow. Feel free to post ideas here, and I (or cheese) will then add them to the issue tracker once the github branch goes live.

So here's what we'll need for this, sorted by priority (HP = immediate/high priority, MP = important/medium priority, LP = nice to add if we have time, but not necessary/low priority)

(HP) A skeleton codebase - I'm working on this now. As we chose a point and click adventure game where you keep a villain monologuing long enough to escape a deathtrap, we'll be using the Godot engine. The skeleton engine that uploaded to github uses the point and click adventure framework by StraTon.

(HP) Story- We need to flesh out who the hero is and why the hero is captured by the villain. However, the beauty of this idea is that the rest is really open to just about anything, we can probably just throw out dialog for the hero and the villain (if we get a lot, we could always randomize it - that might be fun).

(HP) Art - We need to work out a style. The framework I uploaded is 1280x800. We'll have to sort out both sprite style and background style for this. Once we get the style settled (cartoon/DOTT inspired, more realistic/Fate of Atlantis inspired, etc), we can begin creating assets.

(HP) Plugging the game assets into the codebase. The skeleton engine should make this pretty straightforward. As with anything else, everyone's free to contribute to this if you like - just state your intentions in the issue tracker once the time comes so that two people aren't working on the same thing.

(MP) Music - We'll have to figure out what kind of a style music to go with based on the style of the game. The music will be much different for a comedy compared to a drama, for instance.

(MP) Sound effects - These will also be determined by the style of the game - they'll likely be determined by the script and the actions of the sprites as well.

(LP) Voice Acting - This is definitely just a would be nice to have thing to have, but isn't important. If we're far ahead in our plans, we can tackle this.

(LP) Multiple Protaganists/Villains - If the Bad Golf: Community Edition project is anything to go by, there will be a lot of ideas and art for characters. If we have time we can randomize the heroes and the villains so that they're different in each playthrough. If we do this and the VO, it'll make things harder. We might just want to stick to a standard male and female voice - but that's neither here nor there now, since at this point we don't even know if this will be worked on. ;)