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Thank you!  And thanks for playing!  :D

I haven't decided yet.  ^^

Thanks, Retro!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  ^^

Thanks so much, Min!  I'm glad you enjoyed it and took some time to write down your thoughts.  ^^

I found it interesting that you mentioned the lack of narration, because that was something I was debating with myself.  I wanted there to be more in there, but I couldn't shake the thought of:  "If the scenes are animated you don't need to explain things."  

I probably should have just let myself put some in!  :D

Thanks, again!  ^^

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Wow, thank you for following me and downloading my game!  I would love to talk to you.  You can email me at:

*edited to remove email.  ^^

You're welcome!  ^^  And thank you for making it!  :D

This was so funny!  Great job.  ^^

You're welcome!  ^^

Ah, I love this game.  I've been playing it for a long time.  ^^

Most of the time I peter out at around 300 points but by some miracle I managed to make it to 513 one time!  :D  Which apparently makes me an 'Expert.'  ^^

Thank you for making this!  I've really enjoyed it!  : )

The thoughts... they cannot be controlled!  XD

Cool idea for a game mechanic!  It really put the pressure on to keep some thoughts away while thinking up a response.  ^^  

This is such a sweet story!  ^^ I really liked the message.