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I love this with my whole entire heart. Also, "Crab (crab)" had me cackling.

there are two more up!

of course, every time there's a purchase I'll add more! I'll try to remember to ping you next time I add them.

I had a sneak peek at this game before it was published and it's lovely! it's a good blend of prompts and the normal/inverted direction makes things interesting. I didn't know much of anything about tarot going in but it's pretty easy to understand.

this freakin game. it's the perfect blend of ridiculous and cyberpunk. It's fast-paced and easy to improve, meaning a good group is going to have tons of fun playing.

this game was so fun! usually time travel games are hard, but Harper explained how all the paradoxes work in this universe and it made for some really fun dramatic turns. I also like that there's a set crew of 5 and everyone has a specific job, it seems like it really helps each person focus on their thing without much overlap and lead to some really cool moments.

I did the layout so I'm biased on that point, but I do absolutely love this game! it's very simple and sweet. Caltrop core games are easy to pick up and don't have a big learning curve, and I love the theming of this one.

I'm so grateful for this, with my visual processing disorders the original game is impossibly for me to read/play. This is so much more accessible!