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hello, so happy for the update, just wanted to ask, does the new update end at the bird dinner scene? or is there more because if you sit with the fiancee, after the bird scene a new option pops up, something about a candlelight, where as the rest of the LIs do not. thank you 

Tailor Tales community · Created a new topic Question

Hello! hope you are well, i love your game and i have been playing for a while, i was wondering if you were planning on releasing aiden's ful route or is it only for patreon?  thank you so much for all your hard work and time! 

thank you!

Thank you!!

also ngl kinda wanted to beat princess lamahu up. 

this is the most delicious, heartbreaking, soul ripping, earth shattering, tear-jerking, devastating, bombastic, scrumdiddlyumptious writing ever 10/10 would eat again.

hii, quick question, does it say its a 'high relationship' or just 'has been progressing well' in the relationship status for you?? because i really want R's good ending desperately :_)    

the new chapter with R's route got me giggling and kicking my feet 

crying and dyinh (played the 5th chap) 

bruh the actual harvest part didn't hit me until i was breaking a guy's ribs for his liver...  

I KNEW IT POTATO WAS GIVING ROMANCE VIBES!!!1!! squealing for the dlc. 

made mine look like a clown cause of how stupid in love i am with a fictional character. 

rat man <3

Ah, thank you!

Hello! Love your work! i was just wondering does the new update end at where the mc says she's not from the kingdom? Thank you. 

It worked thank you! Seems I was too impatient lol.  Love your story!!

Hello! Does the story end at chap VI or is there anything more? the game gets a blank screen for me with 'door' being the only thing written.