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Thank you for the update!  I can understand if coding/age of the game ends up being a roadblock that becomes too hard of a challenge to overcome.  I appreciate the work and effort towards addressing my concern.  

Addressing the Maulth's comment of not being able to please everyone, while yes this is true  that literature evolves and you can't please everyone in language choice, I felt it important to point out especially when then the Studio has donated the game to the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.  Such a language choice goes against the work of racial justice and equality which the studio is obviously striving to work towards or else they would not have donated their work.  

Hello, I have just started playing Changling and I have just entered Chapter 2 of the game (arriving at school) and I have already encountered two instances of the the racially inappropriate term "slave driver" used in the game.  This term has deep  historical roots to slavery and should not be perpetuated vernacular.  It feels especially problematic when the protagonist of the story who is using the language is white herself.   

I would urge you to change the dialogue, particularly if you are going to continue to have it offered through this bundle.