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Great work, man! Keep up with this!

As a suggestion, would be great uploading new updates including the Aseprite files with tagged frames for each animation.

This will help with exporting/importing task to engine

Thanks for your answer and congratulations for these great assets!!!

Hi, I would like to purchase this asset after purchasing Snowy Mountains.

My problem is that seems that the perspective of your assets are slightly different and seems to be difficult to create an homogeneous view across different levels in the same game. "Caves" and "Snowy" seems to have similar perspective among them whereas "Castle" seems to be orthogonal to the camera and "castle prision" and "strange world" is the "less" orthogonal of all of them.

Can you confirm that or is just my perception? If you've designed all those assets with the very same perspective, I will proceed purchasing all of them. Otherwise, I will buy just those with same perspective as "Snowy"

Thanks in advance

Hi, great work.

I was wondering if you are planning to make a dash animation.

I've seen other developers has solved this re-using other animations or frames, but an "epic dash" would be great and handy to many projects.

Thanks a lot in any case for this gift to the community