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really cool idea, the only note I have is to not have as many buttons pausing the game

eerie game combining wholesomeness and creepy things nice!

Thanks alot for playing

Thank you for playing you will be seeing more soon

Thanks for playing

That's not joined together thats put together

How does this fit the theme of the jam?

Really cool little horor game

Sorry I meant to say brother as in "Friend"

Unfortunately the game won't be finished but it's style and mechanics will most definitely be used in the future thanks for playing

Thanks for your feedback I will be sure to use it in future games

Im aware of the endings quality but thank you for playing Hope to see if you'll be impressed by future games

thanks for playing

thanks for playing

thanks for playing

Thank you for playing Im glad you enjoyed

that makes me very happy thanks

Im glad you like it, Due to many reasons I probably won't be finishing this game but its style will be very similair to my future games I can gurantee that. I might even recreate the game at some point

Probably will be hope to see you playing my future games

Thanks for playing

Thank you for playing

Thank you I hope you play my future games on your channel too.

XD thank you for playing I didn't think the scare was that bad infact It was my favorite scene to watch players play watch. Just gimmicks

No It was just poorly directed but I do think the potential is there Thanks for playing great games are being made thanks to this one

Thank you I am aware I could have made it much more polished good thing humans can learn from their mistakes...

My bad brother, I am aware It's not a good ending but I will do better in the future

Thank you I've never heard of that game unfortunately

Yes I am quite familiar with those bugs, The game was really not very polished could have done a much better job I didn't expect people to play it thank you

So you're back after the station game, I will say Thank you for the inspiration I made a game similair to this style and It got just as much attention <3

Good game I enjoyed it

Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing

This game was fun I liked it

Thanks hope you're ready for the continuation

Happy to hear that im sorry you had to restart the game each time you died I am working to fix it

Thanks for playing