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Part 2 is here! Seeing Pastille in a pink apron was just too good *_*. And seeing how they are getting closer to each other and thinking about each other and teasing each other (I mean mostly Periwinkle huhuhu) was just adorable! I am feeling butterflies and happy dances for them all along. This is just too cute! 

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Starry Flowers is such a sweet visual novel about two witch boys falling in love! This is exactly what I wanted to play for a cozy and sweet weekend. And the dialogues are so adorable <3 I want to play everything single games that you've made now Nami *__*

I am so happy to hear that it motivates you! I am looking forward to playing your new game, whenever you release it!

Also, I found some English typo throughout the game (the minutes follow my video). I hope that helps!

Apparently 1:20

Definitely 3:27

Pique 10:12

Sleepless 12:26

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This is a game about enjoying life on a deserted island, befriending a seagull named Abigull, and letting the days pass by peacefully. Until something shiny appears in the ocean...

I loved the illustrations and the narration so much! I would play any game that you release with this quality of design!

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This was a neat little survival game played in 20min. I didn't see the horror part of it, but I liked this minimalist black and white and the feeling of being the only person alive in the world. I struggled quite a bit with the controls, the stories were quite hard to understand for a non-native speaking (would have loved to have full subtitles) and I finished the game by absolute pure luck. Always happy to see what the team comes up with every month :)

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Retro Games + Romantic Visual Novel = Arcade Spirits! The art is very good, the plot is unique and I love the characters! Extra bonus for crafting your own character at the beginning of the game, and being a queer friendly game!

I really enjoyed A Mortician's Tale, a short game about running a funeral home. I learned so much about being death positive and on the actual steps to respectfully prepare a decease person via embalming or cremation.
Big applaud on respecting our LGBTQ+ community and talking about environmentally friendly practices! 

I am not a very patient person, so I had to restart the game several times before meeting my friend and seeing the ending of this prologue. But then, little by little, I started to pay more attention to the birds hoping and eating around, the cat chilling next to me, the moving clouds and the colors of the world. I'm happy I was patient enough to see the ending of this one. 

I absolutely loved the design of this game, and all its beautiful details, like the moving light through the branches of the trees, the rust on the gates or the cute cats chilling in the sun. I loved how complex the characters become and wow the ending made my heart cry so much. :'( I highly recommend this game and I can't wait to play the full version of it!

Imagine walking up in a space ship, with no memory of your past, but with some sexy characters aboard... So far, the writing is cool and I'm quite intrigued to see where the plot will take us. Also it's set in 3025, so is it worse than 2020?

I really enjoyed playing this game! Looooved the colors, the pixel art of the main character and the fishes, and the overall idea of rescuing fishes :) It was a little bit hard at first to distinguish the fishes to collect from the enemies, and I got stuck in the pipe/jet of bubbles where I could not aim at the enemy and got captured. But other than that, I really like the feeling of the game, the sound effects and the music, and the overall uniqueness of the universe :) Well done!

Just played the full demo. I had a good time and I like the colors, the sound effects and the fact that you can run very early on in the game! As you said, with time constraint and more challenges, this game can become a really cool puzzle game! Looking forward to the full release :) Well done!

Wanna play some fun and addictive retro puzzle with a catchy song and some cool 2D graphics? That's Cellonix! You are a cube and you need to fill up the entire board in red while avoiding enemies. Simple and addictive!

Imagine playing a platformer in complete darkness, where the only source of light is the torch above you and the stylistic motions of the wind. It took me some time to learn how to control the wind, but when I did, it became such an immersive experience! Wow!

PS: I stepped away at the very beginning of the game and missed the explanation of the keys to control the wind. I wish the explanation would stay fixed until the player had read them all :)

The Outcast Lovers is my second game by Far Few Giants after The Night Fisherman. Both stories talk about immigrants and how much of our lives we are ready to change to help someone in distress. Another powerful game executed with great talent.

Oh my, this visual novel made my heart lose a beat. It was so hard to accept the ending! Wow! It's wild how much this game can express in 7 minutes. Unforgettable.

I had such a great time playing this shoot 'em up!! The music is so good, the controls are intuitive and super fast, the enemies are varied and the design is all that I like in a shmup ! Such a fun experience!

Just played the demo of Break Chance Memento,  a visual novel following the lives of 3 brothers across time travel, gay romance and a murder mystery! So far it's a slow start but the art and the writing are good and I am very intrigued!

Oh! I'm looking forward to it!

Very cute game :) I didn't capture the legendary fish but I was happy to help the rock!

It was a fun game, but the first introduction is way too fast for a beginner, as we were not given time to differentiate each handshake visually or to remember which letter on the keyboard they are associated to. I think it could be a cool game, but it needs a tutorial with each level becoming harder and harder. Great concept!

This is a cute game where you walk around the island, go downstairs to your room and help clean your turtle friend's skin. I like the two poses of Somo haha and the music is quite memorable. Plays in 2-3 minutes.

I just played the full demo of this lovely visual novel about Peony, a magical neutralizer who rescued a centaur and a harpy from a binding spell... The game is still in development but I really liked it so far! Can't wait to play more of it!

I just played A Happy New Year. It's about spending New Year's Eve alone and getting texts from friends and family, and the pressure to party, be social and celebrate. It's about feeling and being different, and it was beautifully done.

Today was a perfect day to play some zombie visual novel! I played 2 endings and had a great time! What would happen while driving with a stranger, escaping from an invasion of zombies?

This game was so much fun! I loved it so much!

Time to stream one of my favorite games of 2019: #mutazione by @gutefabrik. I absolutely love the art, the charming and complex characters, the soothing music, the little bugs flying around, and the idea of tending to our very own gardens.

11:45 A Vivid Life was such a weird and oddly satisfying experience. Digging through her own body to find what pieces of tech have been hiding there. And why...

Playing Eternal Home Floristry was such a immersive and soothing experience! I loved the story, the characters, and the fact that you're actually making bouquets of flowers!

This game was so emotional! I really liked it!

itch recommended this game to me and I knew I had to make a video of it! Loved the music and loved the art! True mystery!

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I had a great time being a fortune teller and fighting hoards of monsters on this game! Cool art and cool dialogues! 

I had so much fun playing Fairy Song! The world is stunning, the characters are amazingly adorable and the controls are super smooth! What a great experience!

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Great and challenging platformer!

Deadeus community · Created a new topic Full Playthrough
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I had such a great time playing Deadeus! Just the right amount of horror and the writing was amazing! Watch the full replay with 3 endings: