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Probably one of the most well made games I've come across, and in my opinion captures those emotions that overwhelm you in moments of darkness to near perfection. It's so easy I think to use emotions like that to tell a dark story, but I highly respect games, books, or movies that are able to use it to encourage the audience that there is more to see than just what is ahead of them currently. I always look for games like this that give me something to look forward too, and I have to admit this game gave me a lot to think about. Thank you for your wonderful creation.

Genuinely made my heart warm, I didn't expect this to be so sweet. Its kind of odd to feel this positive over something especially after months of just feeling so down and negative. At this point its almost rare to come across something so well put together that just makes you want to go out and spread some love and appreciation to the people you have in your life and are grateful to have. I'll be honest I've probably been playing the music for so long cuz it really is that cozy. Amazing work

Definitely something new to experience, every room sounded like something that someone different might say. I can definitely see why you said this was a bit of a venting thing. Too many people think they can just say whatever they want as if they were asked for their opinion.  Tells a very interesting story of someone living for that long.  I think that was done phenomenally.