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Hahaha thanks! There had to be some redeeming factor lol

Yeah, that's the loooong ending, thanks for sticking with it long enough to get all the way there!

Thank you so much! That's a hell of a lot more positive than I could ever have hoped for! If I may ask, how many of the endings did you see?

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A cute, quick game where the narrative branches with the dialogue. The pixel art is beautiful and fits the mood well, and my final "YEAH, I DID TOO" playthrough was a genuine emotional gut-punch. A great little idea, well implemented and it would be fascinating to see what could be built upon it.

A challenging and complex puzzler with some really well-tested levels and a neat physics system! With a little lateral thinking, patience and sometimes good timing, there are often more than one or two ways to beat particular levels. I lack all of the above and thusly didn't finish it, but I had a great deal of fun with it. I'll have to hunker down and git gud, maybe.

A "hye"king compelling experience, with mechanics reminiscent of say, a Game-and-Watch game. Mechanically it's tight and works well, and I love the little voice dabs on each catch or hit with the rock, it adds a little bit of the developer to the experience. 

A really neat, meditative experience where the whimsy of the art style definitely shines through. The pop-in of all the background details and the trail of leaves that sprout behind the main character as she runs is akin to some kind of wonderful magic. A beautiful couple of minutes of peace. 

This is a great little game, really well polished and a lot of fun! A lot more elaborate than a first glance would suggest and it has some really great sound design. The co-operative gameplay is really well implemented and challenging. I'd say that the experience of playing the third level  with a loved one is similar to building IKEA furniture with them- a real test of communication and the foundational strength of the relationship in the face of a fun, yet stressful experience.

A really nice, reflective little game with really crunchy boxes. I like how it's contemplative without being heavy, and yet sweet without being too saccharine. 

Ahh! That was frenetic and fun. Throwing presents all over the place in the vain attempt to get the right ones packed. I wish I was better at it but it turns out Christmas is permanently ruined when I'm in charge, hahahaha.

This was actually a really neat idea, and I laughed aloud a few times while playing! I like it a lot!

This one's a lot of fun. I managed to get it to run in-browser on Chrome, and I really like the idea.

Hotfix 1.1 is live!!!! Dragon fight now works as intended.

YAY! I found the soda can! It took me a couple of tries to navigate the LEAP OF LEAPS, but I made it!