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This was a game with a lot of buzz around it so now that I had the time I finally gave it a go, it was well worth it! At first I wasn't super thrilled with the banter aspect because Im not a fan of bullying or teasing to show love (idk im just like that lol) but the writing was so great and it felt like a really good slow burn. If you're on the fence, go and download it, you'll love this game if you love immersive dating sims

This was a great otome game! the nostalgia of running through every route until relying on a walkthrough because the answers have to be super specific lol. I also love how every route builds the overall picture, and while there are tropes the story doesn't focus on everyone suddenly loving the MC. Momotaru's route scarred the shit out of me, it's kind of sad both his happy and bad ends suck for him, but the concept overall is great and well executed. 

I loved playing this game and seeing it through until the finish. This was a different type of visual novel but its honestly done so well that I think it deserves more recognition! True, its not a dating sim but friend-sim instead, but that doesn't take away from the story and the writing helps you grow attached to the characters regardless. 


Honestly I agree with more people, I loved the twist but not the actual ending itself. It was cool to see the hints from earlier chapters and the MCs behaviour be explained/come together in the end, but getting nearly killed by Twyla with no option to fight back is a disappointing. Especially since previous chapters require certain choices in order to gain hearts, so having no choices matter in the end was a bit of a bummer. I think multiple endings could be cool, but I also wanna acknowledge how hard the dev worked on this and for how long. So if the dev wants to start a new project and leave this one as is, I totally respect it and look forward to their future work! Even with the ending, this is a really great visual novel that if you're hesitant to check it out, give it a try! You might have fun collecting hearts.

Loved the art style, music, pacing and story! It really made me feel safe with hatchet man even though he'll prob end up killing the MC. This reminded me a lot of other great horror dating sims out there, so I can't wait to see where this game goes!

Absolutely loved this game, the tone shift really caught me off guard and got me more interested! Can't believe this was done for a Jam, truly amazing work!

Aw, this game is so cute and charming! Loved playing it and not that long to get through.

in that case it could be a bug? Have you tried completing starting over with new save slots? If so it’s probably a bug since over filling at work is what’s supposed to trigger it. 

you have to overfill your diaper at work and then it will trigger the sissy route, but also I believe you have to raise your coworkers suspicions. If you need anymore help you should def join the discord :)

Absolutely loved this, it took a whole different turn from what I originally thought going in to the game. The characters and story is so creative and fun, it lifted my spirits after finishing. If you're contemplating on playing the game, please go for it!

I absolutely love blooming panic and the team that created it! It blew my mind that this was done in a game jam, it was already so good I didnt think they could top themselves! Congratz on the release and I hope the team enjoys their holidays, thanks for giving fans such a nice holiday present <3

I LOVE THIS GAME SO FREAKING MUCH OMG!!!!! It was so well made and really immerses you in it. There's just the right amount of content and all of the routes were so well written. The art is just *chefs kiss* Great job on this!!!!

I loved this, I'm hooked and it's amazing how much care went into this. One of my new fav otomes 

I did not play through all of the routes but for what I saw so far, I'd love to see more of this game! The writing and style is on point, it's really amazing what you guys created! Can't wait to see where this goes <3

This was really enjoyable! I was a little disappointed to see the person we play as so late in the demo as it gave a false impression of immersion. Other than that it is very well written and I can't wait to see what else happens!

Does anyone know what max like status you can get with harold? Also the highest bitch fame in bareshade and how to get it?

I could be wrong but I believe if you check all the junk piles in the junk yard you could find more. Not sure how many there are in total or if it's worth it tho since the junkyard is still being devloped story wise. 

Not sure how effective it is but if you roam the junkyard you can find more barricades, theres also the one in the underground when you explore. Hope this helps :)

For Xer does anyone know everything you can do with him?

This was a real gem to find! I don't usually play these types of sims but it was an interesting treat. Can't wait to see what else is in store and keep up the great work <3 

Only thing I could beat was leat'eq tokyo ;-;

I'm sad the demo didn't include Ben but great concept! Its pretty challenging even on easy, but that just made it more fun to try and beat. Are the characters available in the demo going to be the same in the full release? Kinda sad Ben's the only guy lol

I love this game and would love if there were more endings, but this really captures the RPG horror genre perfectly. Reminds me of Mad father and Misao which absolutely terrified me but the story was extremely compelling. Worth the 45 mins of playtime!