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YO THIS GAME IS NICE!!! I really dig the concept and loved how the game felt. I can’t wait to purchase the actual game when it releases!! Here’s a video of my play-through of it!! 

I like how realistic this is because this would actually happen to me in real life lol. But I really did enjoy the atmosphere, I was playing with my speakers on loud so I kept getting creeped out by the little girl giggling. (Which I actually screamed a couple times just form the sheer sound of the footsteps) overall I really did enjoy it! 

Great game loved it, PS1 is my favvvvvv love you forever :)

This is the reason why my wife left me and my son is selling drugs. Great game!! I had fun with this one!! 

My first time playing a Puppet Combo game, and i screamed so hard i almost broke my glasses hahaha GREAT GAME (NIGHT SHIFT btw) 

Amazing game! i love the artwork and graphics, and the gameplay was defiantly solid too! There was a minor "glitch I found when hiding in the garage on the right side of the car lol. But overall I enjoyed it!! GREAT HORROR GAME!!!

The jump scares actually caught me off-guard and i screamed like a little girl haha! Overall I enjoyed it! Can't wait to see the bigger game with this atmosphere!  

My ex was like this, she's in jail now.  Really really good atmosphere, and the Ai is pretty sneaky! really caught me off guard at times lmao


This made confused and scared all at the same time. Short but sweet!

I am still trying to understand why anyone would go poo poo in a dark bathroom stall lmaoo this was a fun short horror game! i enjoyed it! (it is the second game i played, starts at 6:45)

If this game has taught me anything, its that before i purchase a new house i gotta check if its not haunted or possessed haha! fun short horror game, nice ps1 aesthetics, i dig it!! (It is the first game i played) 

I realized after playing this game, i could never be a TSA agent or work at the airport lol. Funny game, i enjoyed it!! (It is the second game i play starts at 4 minutes in the video) 

I played yalls game,let me just say breakfast is my favorite part of the day. But this morning, my breakfast was acting a bit strange..It was quite funny, i liked it! (its the first game i play) 

I had fun while playing this game, though i didn't expect to see my ex in my nightmare lol

This was fun to play! Everyone was Dwayne Rock Johnson, there was also the interesting robot designs o.O but overall a really fun horror game! Loved it! your game starts at 2:20


This was a fun quick horror game. Kinda relatable though, i have had my garage door stop working on me before lol. Your is the first one i play!

I LOVE THE MUSIC IN THIS GAME!! Its seriously good, and so is the story! I cant wait for episode 2! I had  great time playing this, thank you for this game Siactro!

Interesting game, didn't realize the cleaning service company hired another employee besides me lol. Overall was a short game, but i enjoyed giving my commentary and playing it! 

YESS the continuation from the Scary Thicc chicken!! I loved this one even better than the last one!! I seriously enjoyed the soundtrack (i need a full OST of the soundtrack in this game lol) i love it so much. Whenever the zombies/monsters made those noises, it sounded like they were some Dj's mixing a turntable haha! Overall i seriously enjoyed  Episode 2! 

You know what? little man and i had a great time together! and when i say great, i mean absolutely horrible.  Dope game!

I enjoyed this! pretty short but enjoyable! i just saw episode 2 came out. I was gonna give you the idea of naming episode

2, "THICKEN CHICKENS" lmao but oh well haha. Again i enjoyed it! im gone definitely play ep 2!!

In all i genuinely enjoyed the environment and the atmosphere, very impressive that it was made in 10 days!

Great game! I dont blame this man tho, we owe him money. I got scared to the point where i lagged irl.

Great game! it just reminds me of my Ex who also tried to kill me O.o

Also i didnt realizze there was a remaster version! ill check that one out too!

This is possibly, one of the best games i have ever played in a long time lol LOVED IT!

Strangest date i ever been on, i think siren head wants to go on a second date with me...haha strange game, but i liked it!

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I genuinely enjoyed playing this game! loved the aesthetics!


This is an indeed accurate representation of Black Friday. Loved it haha